Calendar 2000–01

6.2 A student shall be required to complete before graduation up to 72 units of courses in his major programme, and meet the minimum grade required for specific courses (if any), as prescribed in the study scheme concerned. However, a student pursuing a major programme which leads to professional qualifications may be required to complete more than 72 units. 6.3 A student may register for one or two minor programmes as approved by the department concerned. A minor programme shall require 15 to 30 units of courses. 6.4 A student shall also complete before graduation the following requirements: (a) two units of Physical Education courses, to be taken in his first year of attendance; and (b) 15 units of General Education courses** as prescribed by the University, the faculty concerned and the college to which he is assigned. However, the requirement may be reduced by three units for students in certain major programmes as approved by the Senate. 6.5 A student who has failed in any required course shall retake that course or take a substitute course prescribed by the department concerned. 6.6 A student with recognized qualifications may be exempted from some courses and/or units required for graduation according to the procedure prescribed. Subject to the requirements given in Regulations 5.4 and 5.5, no student with such exemptions shall be allowed to graduate unless he shall have: (a) completed at least 60 units of courses at this university; (b) completed at least two-thirds of his major requirements at this university; and (c) completed at least two-thirds of his minor requirements at this university, if he wishes to graduate with a minor. $ % 7.1 A student shall take no less than 12 units of courses in any term. 7.2 A student shall take no more than 18 units of courses in a term except with prior permission of his major department. However, no student shall be allowed to take more than 21 units in any term. & ' 8.1 A student shall, after consulting the teacher/s designated by the department concerned and making sure that there is no timetable clash among the courses he wishes to select, complete the prescribed procedure for course registration. 8.2 A student shall select his courses according to the study scheme/s of his major and/or minor programme/s. He shall be responsible for ensuring the timely completion of all requirements for graduation. 8.3 A student shall not repeat any course which he has taken and passed or from which he has been exempted except as required by regulations which prescribe otherwise. ** Students admitted in 1997–98 and before should complete 14–15 units of General Education courses.