Calendar 2000–01

& 3 ' # 18.1 A student who wishes to apply for transfer or admission to another educational institution or for employment may apply for an official transcript giving details of all courses taken and grades obtained. 18.2 The official transcript shall not be issued to a student or any private individual. It shall be sent direct to the institution or prospective employer upon payment of the prescribed fees and postage. 2 ' # ' 19.1 A student who violates any rule or regulation and/or commits any misconduct such as: (a) defamation of or assault on or battery against the person of any member of the University; (b) wilful damage to or defacement of any property of the University; (c) theft, fraud, misapplication of University funds or property of any kind; (d) plagiarism in written assignments or cheating in tests or examinations; (e) an offence in connection with examinations or violation of any of the regulations of the Senate governing conduct at examinations; (f) falsification or serious misuse of University documents or records; (g) refusal to comply with any regulations or orders by authorized persons and bodies prohibiting any conduct which disrupts teaching, study, research or administration of the University; (h) any conduct which is detrimental to the reputation and well-being of the University; (i) an offence of an immoral, scandalous or disgraceful nature of which the student has been convicted in any court of law; or (j) misrepresentations or false statements made in any application or document submitted to the University; shall be disciplined by the Senate, boards of faculties and/or college assemblies of fellows in accordance with the nature and gravity of the offence. 19.2 Disciplinary action may take the form of any of the following penalties which may be entered into the transcript of the student’s academic record: (a) reprimand; (b) suspension from part or all of the rights, privileges and/or the use of part or all of the facilities of the University for a specified period of time; (c) demerit (a total of three demerits may result in termination of studies at the University); (d) suspension from the University for a specified period of time; or (e) termination of studies at the University. Penalty (d) or (e) may be imposed only with the approval of the Senate. 19.3 A student, on being informed of a decision to take disciplinary action against him, may within seven days write to request the Senate to review the decision.