Calendar 2000–01

1.1 Students pursuing undergraduate medical studies shall observe rules and regulations stipulated by the University and college authorities which are applicable and the Regulations Governing Undergraduate Medical Studies stipulated by the Faculty of Medicine. 1.2 The General Regulations Governing Full-time Undergraduate Studies (hereinafter referred to as Undergraduate Regulations) shall be applicable to medical students with the exception of the following regulations: 5.1 – 5.6 concerning Period of Study; 6.1 – 6.3, 6.6 concerning Course Requirements and Exemptions; 7.1 – 7.2 concerning Course Load; 13.1 – 13.3 concerning Course Assessments and Grades; 14.1 – 14.4 concerning Examinations; 15.1 – 15.2 concerning Academic Probation and Discontinuation of Studies; 16.1 – 16.6 concerning Graduation; 17.1 – 17.3 concerning Degree Classification. 2.1 Application for admission to the University as medical students shall comply with the Regulations Governing Admission to Full-time Undergraduate Studies (hereinafter referred to as Admission Regulations). 2.2 Direct admission into Medical Year 1 : Applicants may apply for direct admission into Medical Year 1 if they can meet the entrance requirements for medical studies spelt out in the Admission Regulations. 2.3 Transfer admission to Medical Year 3 : Applicants may apply for admission to Medical Year 3 as transfer students in accordance with Section IIIA(7) of the Admission Regulations. R egulations Governing Undergraduate Medical Studies