Calendar 2000–01

# 5.3 With due regard to Regulation 5.1, a part-time student shall register for and attend classes for at least four years before graduation unless he has gained exemptions as stipulated in Regulation 3.3. In no case should a student attend courses for less than three years before graduation. He shall complete all requirements for graduation within six years from his first registration including any periods of leave of absence, suspension of studies and extension of studies. A part-time student who for non-academic reasons has to extend his period of study beyond the prescribed four years, shall be required to obtain prior permission from the Faculty Board of Medicine on recommendation of the Department of Nursing. 5.4 A student who fails to complete the programme and pass the relevant examinations within the relevant prescribed period as stipulated above shall be required to discontinue his studies at the University. $ 6.1 Course grades and their standards used in reporting shall be as follows: 6.2 The pass mark is 50%. A student who has gained grade ‘D’ or above in a course shall have successfully completed the requirements for that course. # % % & ' % ! 7.1 Students who fail in a course with a mark of 40% or above shall be allowed a supplementary examination. 7.2 The supplementary examination will be held within five to six weeks after the departmental examination. 7.3 (a) Students who fail a required Nursing course with a mark below 40% will be required to repeat the course, unless allowed a supplementary examination at the discretion of the panel of examiners. (b) Students who fail an elective Nursing course with a mark below 40% will be required to repeat or undertake another nursing elective course,