Calendar 2000–01

(b) his total period of attendance at this university and another university or institution of higher learning recognized by the Senate shall have been not less than five years. 3.5 A student shall complete all requirements for graduation within seven years from his first registration including any periods of leave of absence and suspension of studies. 4.1 A student shall complete at least 163 units of courses before graduation. 4.2 A student shall complete before graduation the following requirements: (a) two units of Physical Education courses, to be taken in his first year of attendance, and (b) 12 units of General Education courses as prescribed by the University, the Faculty of Science, and the college to which he is assigned. 4.3 A student who has failed in any required pre-clinical course shall retake that course or take a substitute course prescribed by the School of Chinese Medicine. 4.4 A student who has failed to meet the minimum requirement for any part of the Clinical Programme, or has failed in the professional examination, shall be allowed a supplementary examination and those who fail in the supplementary examination shall be required to repeat the specified part of the Clinical Programme or the supervised practice. 4.5 A student with recognized qualifications may be exempted from some courses and/or units required for graduation according to the procedure prescribed. Subject to the requirements given in Regulation 3.4, no student with such exemptions shall be allowed to graduate unless he shall have: (a) completed at least 120 units of courses at this university; (b) completed at least 75 units of pre-clinical requirements of the Chinese Medicine Programme at this university; and (c) completed one year of clinical study and one year of supervised practice under the Chinese Medicine Programme. ! ! " # ! 5.1 Academic probation (a) A student shall be put on academic probation if he has obtained a grade point average below 1.5 in the preceding term during the pre-clinical period of study unless Regulation 5.2 applies. (b) A student on academic probation may be required to take a reduced load and his performance shall be reviewed at the end of the term in which he is put on probation, at which time if he has obtained a grade point average of 1.5 or above, probation shall be lifted, otherwise probation shall continue to apply in his next term of attendance unless he is required to discontinue his studies as prescribed by Regulation 5.2 or he has completed all graduation requirements as set out in Regulation 6.1.