Calendar 2000–01

5.2 Discontinuation of studies A student shall be required to discontinue his studies at the University: (a) if his grade point average in a term is below 1.0 for two consecutive terms of attendance; or (b) if he fails in more than half of the units of courses taken in a term for two consecutive terms of attendance; or (c) if he still fails to have his probation lifted after he has been put on academic probation for two consecutive terms of attendance; or (d) if, after two attempts, he still fails to meet the minimum grade required for a pre-clinical or clinical course, unless otherwise decided by the board of the faculty or he is successful in obtaining transfer to another major programme in the next term; or (e) if he fails twice in the professional examination; or (f) if he fails to complete all requirements for graduation after seven years as prescribed in Regulation 3.5. $ % 6.1 To be considered for the award of the degree of Bachelor of Chinese Medicine, a student shall: (a) have satisfied all requirements prescribed in Sections 3.0 and 4.0; (b) have fulfilled all other University requirements; (c) have obtained a grade point average of not lower than 1.5 in all major courses taken; (d) have fulfilled the requirements for the pre-clinical and clinical studies and the supervised practice of the Chinese Medicine Programme; and (e) have passed the two professional examinations which are given during the period of supervised practice. A student who has satisfied the above requirements shall graduate, unless, in accordance with Regulation 19.0 of the General Regulations Governing Full-time Undergraduate Studies, he is required to terminate his studies at the University or be suspended from the University. 6.2 Provided that he is not required to discontinue his studies, a student shall register for a further term or year or specific course/s as the case may be, if he fails to meet any of the requirements prescribed in Regulation 6.1. & # ! 7.1 The classification of the Bachelor of Chinese Medicine degree for students shall be based on the grade point average of all major courses and results of the Clinical Programme (according to Regulations 13.1–13.3 of the General Regulations Governing Full-time Undergraduate Studies), in accordance with the standards specified by the Senate.