Calendar 2000–01

The University Library System consists of the University Library in the central area of the campus and the branch libraries at the colleges and at the teaching hospital. The University Library houses an extensive research collection as well as many undergraduate materials and the pre-clinical portion of the medical collection. The branch libraries contain reference and curricular materials, some special subject collections according to the needs of the colleges, and books and periodicals to support general education. Library regulations apply to all the libraries. The University Library System reserves the right to revise these regulations when necessary. Details about opening hours are posted at the entrance to each library. Opening hours are adapted to the semester schedules. Library privileges are personal and individual. They may not be transferred to, or used on behalf of, other persons. Privileges fall into three categories: Borrowing privileges are extended to all registered students and academic/ administrative staff of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Others may apply to the University Librarian for special Borrowers’ Cards. Clerical staff, technicians and spouses of the faculty and administrative staff of the University may also apply to the University Librarian for borrowing privileges. The privilege of reading is extended to visiting scholars, to researchers and to graduates of this university according to established regulations. Reserve books, however, are for the exclusive use of students and faculty of the University. Carrels: not reserved for any category of library user; they are available for the convenience of all. R egulations of the University Library System