Calendar 2000–01

With the reorganization of the University following the enactment of The Chinese University of Hong Kong Ordinance 1976, the boards of trustees of the three original colleges, viz. Chung Chi College, New Asia College, and The United College of Hong Kong, were reconstituted. Each college board is mainly concerned with the management of the movable property and of certain college buildings entrusted to it, as well as the promotion of scholastic and cultural activities of the college. Each college is governed by an assembly of fellows chaired by the college head, and this assembly is responsible for making and implementing decisions on various matters relating to the college. In January 1986 the University received a generous donation of HK$100 million, and subsequently an additional gift of HK$10 million, from the Shaw Foundation (Hong Kong) Ltd. for the establishment of a fourth college in the University. The University Council subsequently decided that the new college be named ‘Shaw College’ and invited Sir Run Run Shaw to be its patron. To give legal effect to such a development, ‘The Chinese University of Hong Kong (Declaration of Shaw College) Ordinance 1986’ was enacted in July 1986. The new college admitted its first students in 1988. T he Constituent Colleges