Calendar 2000–01

Chung Chi College Chung Chi College was founded in October 1951 by the representatives of Protestant churches in Hong Kong to meet the need for a local institution of higher learning that would be both Chinese and Christian. In 1955, it was formally incorporated under an ordinance of the government. The college had a very modest beginning with borrowed and rented premises, first in the Cathedral Hall and St. Paul’s Co-educational College, then in Caine Road and Lower Albert Road. Expansion was made possible by financial help from church organizations in North America and Britain. Local churches, firms, and private individuals also gave considerable support. In 1956 the college moved to its permanent site in the Ma Liu Shui valley. Between 1959 and 1963 the college received the bulk of its funds from the government. In 1963 the college was incorporated as one of the three colleges of The Chinese University of Hong Kong. The college set up a Theology Division for the training of Christian ministers, and later established its own Chaplaincy Office to promote religious activities which include Sunday worship services, and Christian fellowship programmes. Academic and cultural activities are regularly organized for both staff and students of the college. They include seminars, college life luncheon talks, annual education conferences, the Siu Lien Ling Wong Visiting Fellows Programme, and various exchange and visitor programmes. Students are also encouraged to take part in extracurricular activities organized by the college student union, departmental societies, class societies, various interest groups, the non-residential hall student society, and student hostel associations. Various new endeavours, such as the student visitor programme, language enhancement programme, learning arts programme, outward bound training programme and summer study abroad programme, are designed to provide students with more learning opportunities in the pursuit of a balanced education. A wide array of scholarships, financial aid schemes and awards are available to encourage students to excel in