Calendar 2000–01

The University has established 10 institutes to provide faculty members with financial support and other facilities for research. They include the Institute of Chinese Studies, the Research Institute for the Humanities, the Asia-Pacific Institute of Business, the Hong Kong Institute of Educational Research, the Hong Kong Cancer Institute, the Institute of Chinese Medicine, the Institute of Science and Technology, the Institute of Mathematical Sciences, the Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, and the Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology Limited. Institute of Chinese Studies Tel.: 2609 7394 Fax.: 2603 5149 E-mail: Website: The Institute of Chinese Studies was established in 1967 on the basis of a broad conception of Chinese studies. Its activities include what is traditionally identified as Sinology, but emphasize the application of scientific methodology, characterized by quantitative and comparative approaches, and the use of experimental methods where appropriate; contemporary Chinese studies have also been included. The objectives of the institute are to promote Chinese studies by serving as an international centre for communication and cooperation with other academic and research institutions and scholars in the field; to provide local and visiting academic members of the University with funding and research facilities; to promote the exchange of knowledge and experience in Chinese studies through publications, conferences, and research seminars; and to foster the growth of modern Chinese culture. Under the Institute of Chinese Studies are the Art Museum, the Centre for Chinese Archaeology and Art, The Ng Tor-tai Chinese Language Research Centre, the Research Centre for Translation, and the Research Centre for Contemporary Chinese Culture, each of which maintains its own academic programme and publication activities. The institute publishes four periodicals — Journal of R esearch Institutes and Centres