Calendar 2004–05

Introduction 15
Calendar 2004-2005 17
Teaching Terms 17
Meetings, Major Events and Holidays 25
Part 1 Establishment 27
University Officers 29
The Council 31
Council Committees 34
College Board of Trustees 40
The Senate 45
Senate Committees 50
University Extension Board 56
College Assembly of Fellows 57
Advisory Boards and Committees 61
Emeritus Professors 73
Graduates <em>Honoris Causa</em> 74
Honorary Fellows 78
Part 2 General Information 79
The University 81
Origin 81
The Ordinance 82
Academic Structure and Policy 82
Research and Development 83
Finance 84
Lands and Buildings 85
Residential Accommodation 87
Academic Dress 89
Liaison with the World of Learning 93
The Constituent Colleges 96
Chung Chi College 97
New Asia College 98
United College 99
Shaw College 100
Part 3 Research Units and University Extensions 103
Research Institutes and Centres 105
Institutes of Chinese Studies 105
Art Museum 106
Centre for Chinese Archaeology and Art 106
T.T. Ng Chinese Language Research Centre 107
Research Centre for Contemporary Chinese Culture 107
Research Centre for Translation 107
Research Institute for the Humanities 108
Research Centre for Comparative City Cultures 108
Research Centre for Cross-cultural Studies 109
Centre for Research and Development of Cyberculture 109
Research Centre for Confucian Studies 109
Centre for Hong Kong Cultural Studies 110
Research Centre for Humanities Computing 110
Research Centre for Phenomenlogy and the Human Sciences 110
The Asia-Pacific Institute of Business 111
Centre for Accounting Disclosure and Corporate Governance 111
Centre for Chinese Business Studies 112
Centre for Cyber Logistics 112
Centre for Financial Research on China 113
Centre for Hospitality and Real Estate Research 113
Hong Kong Institute of Educational Research 114
Centre for Research and Development of Putonghua Education 114
Hong Kong Centre for International Student Assessment 115
The Hong Kong Centre for the Development of Educational Leadership 116
Institute of Optical Science and Technology 116
Centre for Advanced Research in Photonics 117
Centre of Optical Sciences 117
Shun Hing Institute of Advanced Engineering 117
Hong Kong Cancer Institute 118
Institute of Human Communicative Research 118
Institute of Chinese Medicine 119
Institute of Science and Technology 120
Hong Kong Bioinformatics Centre 120
Hong Kong Centre of Sports Medicine and Sports Science 121
Joint Laboratory for Geoinformation Science 121
Materials Science and Technology Research Centre 122
Institute of Mathematical Sciences 122
Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies 123
Hong Kong Institute of Biotechnology Limited 123
Faculty and Departmental Research/Consultancy Units 125
Assessment and Training Centre 125
The Biotechnology Laboratory 125
Brain Disease Laboratory 126
Cardiovascular Surgical Research Laboratory 126
Centre for the Advancement of E-commerce Technologies 127
Centre for Clinical Trials 127
Centre for Cognition and Brain Studies 128
Centre for Communicative Research 128
Centre for Comparative and Public History 129
Centre for Developmental Psychology 129
Centre for Emerging Infetious Diseases 129
Centre for Environmental Policy and Resource Management 130
Centre for Epidemiology and Biostatistics 131
Centre for Gerontology and Geriatrics 131
Centre for Health Education and Health Promotion 132
Centre for Housing Innovations 132
Centre for Innovation and Technology 132
Centre for Neurocognitive Function Enhancement 133
Centre for Nutritional Studies 133
Centre for Pharmacoeconomics Research 134
Centre of Research and Promotion of Women's Health 134
Centre for Scientific Analysis of Ancient Artifacts 135
Centre for Scientific Modelling and Computation 135
Centre for Sign Linguistics and Deaf Studies 135
Centre for the Study of Fetal Nucleic Acids in Maternal Plasma 136
Centre for University and School Partnership 136
Cheng Suen Man Shook Centre for Hepatitis 136
Chinese Language Teaching Development Centre 137
Chinese Opera Information Centre 137
Clinical and Health Psychology Centre 137
Comparative Literature Research Programme 138
Computer Science and Engineering Consultancy Unit 139
CUHK-WHO Collaborating Centre for Sports Medicine and Health Promotion 139
Dementia Research Unit 139
Diabetes and Endocrine Centre 139
The Drug and Poisons Information Bureau 140
The Drug Development Centre 140
Electronics Consultancy Unit 141
Gynaecologic Cancer Research Laboratory 141
The Hong Kong Branch of the Chinese Cochrane Centre 141
The Hong Kong Centre for Evidence Based Nursing 142
Hong Kong Enuresis Research and Information Centre 142
The Hong Kong Foundation for Research and Development in Diabetes 143
The Hong Kong Jockey Club Centre for Osteoporosis Care and Control 143
Hong Kong Literature Research Centre 144
Information Engineering Consultancy Unit 144
Linguistics Research Laboratory 145
Mobile Technologies Centre 145
Musculoskeletal Research Laboratory 145
Novo Nordisk Diabetes Mellitus Clinical Trial Unit 146
The Orthopaedic Learning Centre 146
Qualigenics Centre for Diabetes and Endocrine Disorders 147
Research Centre for Cantonese 147
Research Laboratory for Food Protein Production 148
Research Laboratory for Food Science 148
Resource Centre for Contemporary Christian Studies 148
Simon F.S. Li Marine Science Laboratory 149
Sleep Disorder Centre and Sleep Assessment Unit 149
The Social and Public Health Psychiatry Unit 150
Social Welfare Practice and Research Centre 150
Statistical Consulting Services Unit 150
Systems Engineering and Engineering Management Consultancy Unit 151
Telemedicine Centre 151
UGC-AoE Plant and Fungal Biotechnology Centre 151
Unit for Research in Assisted Human Reproduction 152
University Pathology Service 152
Joint Research Units 153
Brain Research Centre 153
CUHK/Tsinghua University Joint R&D Program on Chinese Enterprise Internet Operations 154
Epithelial Cell Biology Research Centre 154
Institute of South-China Classical Texts Studies 154
Joint Centre for Intelligence Engineering 155
Joint Laboratory for Geoinformation Science 155
Joint Laboratory for Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology 155
Joint Research Centre for Biomedical Engineering 156
The Shanghai-Hong Kong-Anson Research Foundation for CAS and CUHK in Molecular Biosciences 156
Shanghai-Hong Kong Development Institute 157
Shanghai-Hong Kong Joint Laboratory in Chemical Synthesis 157
University Extensions 158
School of Continuing Studies 158
New Asia Yale-in-China Chinese Language Centre 160
Part 4 Support Facilities, Services and Staff Organizations 161
The Library System 163
Universities Service Centre for China Studies 164
The Chinese University Press 164
Information Technology Service Centre 165
Services for Students and Student Activities 167
University Health Service 168
Sports Facilities 168
The Sir Run Run Shaw Hall/Office of the Arts Administrator 169
Information and Public Relations Services 169
University Publications 170
Staff Association of The Chinese University of Hong Kong 171
Teachers' Association of The Chinese University of Hong Kong 171
Part 5 Department Profiles and Programmes of Studies 173
Department Profiles 175
Faculty of Arts 175
Faculty of Business Administration 180
Faculty of Education 183
Faculty of Engineering 185
Faculty of Medicine 188
Faculty of Science 197
Faculty of Social Science 200
Full-time Undergraduate Studies 204
Faculty of Arts 207
Faculty of Business Administration 232
Faculty of Education 240
Faculty of Engineering 246
Faculty of Medicine 253
Faculty of Science 256
Faculty of Social Science 268
Non Faculty-based Courses 280
Part-time Undergraduate Studies 293
Postgraduate Studies 296
Faculty of Arts 298
Faculty of Business Administration 311
Faculty of Education 319
Faculty of Engineering 322
Faculty of Medicine 328
Faculty of Science 344
Faculty of Social Science 355
Inter-faculty Programme 372
Student IT Competence 374
International Asian Studies Programme 375
Part 6 Fees, Scholarships and Financial Aid 377
Fees 379
Scholarships and Financial Aid to Students 388
For Full-time Undergraduates Programmes 388
For Part-time Undergraduates Programmes 388
For Postgraduates Programmes 398
For Overseas Postgraduate Studies 399
For Office of Academic Links 402
For the Constituent Colleges 403
Part 7 University Ordinance and Regulations 413
The Chinese University of Hong Kong Ordinance 415
Regulations Governing Admission to Full-time Undergraduate Studies 451
Regulations Governing Admission to Part-time Undergraduate Studies 466
General Regulations Governing Full-time Undergraduate Studies 468
Regulations Governing Undergraduate Medical Studies 477
Regulations Governing Undergraduate Nursing Studies 484
Regulations Governing Undergraduate Studies in Chinese Medicine 487
Regulations Governing Four-year Full-time Undergraduate Studies in Education 490
General Regulations Governing Part-time Undergraduate Studies 493
General Regulations Governing Postgraduate Studies 502
Regulations for the Degree of Doctor of Medicine 514
Regulations for the Degree of Doctor of Science 517
Regulations Governing Associate Students 520
Regulations of the University Library System 527
Part 8 Staff List 531
Teaching Departments 533
Distinguished-Professors-at-Large 533
Faculty of Arts 533
Faculty of Business Administration 545
Faculty of Education 553
Faculty of Engineering 559
Faculty of Medicine 568
Faculty of Science 627
Faculty of Social Science 638
School of Law 646
Research Institutes/Centres 647
Asia-Pacific Institute of Business 647
Hong Kong Cancer Institute 647
Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies 647
Hong Kong Institute of Educational Research 648
Institute of Chinese Medicine 649
Institute of Chinese Studies 650
Institute of Human Communicative Research 653
Institute of Mathematical Sciences 653
Institute of Optical Science and Technology 653
Institute of Science and Technology 654
Research Institute for the Humanities 655
Shun Hing Institute of Advanced Engineering 655
Chinese University Institute of Biotechnology 655
Ancillary Academic Units 656
Centre for Learning Enhancement and Research 656
Office of University General Education 656
School of Continuing Studies 657
University Extension Board 658
New Asia Yale-in-China Chinese Language Centre 658
Library System 659
Universities Service Centre for China Studies 660
The Chinese University Press 660
Information Technology Service Centre 661
Administrative and Service Units 663
Vice-Chancellor's Office 663
Registry 663
Graduate School Office 664
Secretariat 664
Bursary 665
Personnel Office 666
Office of Institutional Advancement 666
Internal Audit Office 666
Campus Development Office 667
Estates Management Office 668
Office of Student Affairs 668
University Health Service 669
Office of Academic Links (International) 670
Office of Academic Links (China) 670
Research and Technology Administration Office 670
Office of Administrative Services 670
Other Service Units 672
Colleges 673
Chung Chi College 673
New Asia College 675
United College 676
Shaw College 677
Appendices 679
Student Enrolment 681
Campus Map 694