Newsletter No. 500

98 Part 3 • Academic Units and University Extensions Part 3 complete at least 123 and 99 units of courses respectively which include: (a) General Education (15 units); (b) Physical Education (2 units); (c) Foundation Requirement (24 units: 9 units of language courses, 6 units of General Education courses, and 9 units of major/faculty requirement); (d) normally up to 72 required units of major courses; (e) Faculty Language Requirement; (f) remaining units in minor and/or elective courses of the student’s choice. A second-year entrant shall complete at least 66 units of courses which include: (a) General Education (7 units for entrants with associate degrees or 9 units for entrants with higher diplomas); (b) Physical Education (1 unit); (c) up to 64 units of major courses for entrants with associate degrees or up to 59 units for entrants with higher diplomas; (d) Language Requirement (3 units for entrants with higher diplomas only); (e) remaining units in minor and/or elective courses of the student’s choice. Students need to take and pass any graduation thesis/project prescribed by their major programmes. Starting from 1997–98, all students in their first year of attendance are required to complete an Intensive Programme in Putonghua, Cantonese and English which is non-credit-bearing, but the examination results of which will be recorded on academic reports and transcripts. Starting from 1999–2000, all newly-admitted students are required to achieve a certain level of IT competence. They are expected to pass the IT proficiency test within their first year of attendance. Astudent admitted in 2004–05 and thereafter may register for a second major programme subject to the approval of the two major departments concerned. A student who has satisfied the requirements of a second major may, in the last term of attendance within the minimum period of study, declare and be assessed for a second major. A student who wishes to take a minor programme should formally register for his minor subject, preferably in the second year of attendance. A minor programme normally requires 15–30 units of courses. Applicable to Secondary 6 entrants