Newsletter No. 500

Scholarships and Financial Aid to Students 201 Part 6 Qin Jia Yuan Foundation Exchange Scholarships The scholarships will be offered to qualified CUHK students who have been accepted to participate in a mainland exchange programme nominated by the Office of Academic Links. For the Constituent Colleges The constituent Colleges of the University also administer their own scholarship and bursary awards and have, in addition, loans and other funds available to their students. Interested applicants should make enquiries at the dean of students office of their respective Colleges. The following is a list of the scholarships, bursaries, loans, and prizes administered by the College authorities. Chung Chi College Scholarships Au Yeung Lun Scholarships Basel Mission and Tsung Tsin Mission of Hong Kong Joint Scholarships Chang Hson Mou Memorial Scholarship Dr. Chao Yong Chi-hsing Scholarship in General Education Dr. Chao Yong Chi-hsing Scholarships in Mathematics Chau Chi Chai Memorial Scholarship Chemistry Alumni Scholarship Chen Te Memorial Prize in Philosophy Cheng Cho Fung Memorial Scholarship Cheng Tien-koo Memorial Scholarship Mr. & Mrs. Chin F. Foin Memorial Scholarships Louise C. Foin Memorial Scholarship T.K. Cheng Memorial Award for Cultural Exchange CCUAA Education Foundation Scholarships Chiu Sun Lam Memorial Scholarship for Distinguished Service Chow Hing-Lun Mathematics Scholarship Chung Chi Alumni Scholarship for Excellence Chung Chi College Class Scholarships Chung Chi College Mathematics Scholarship Chung Chi College Matriculation Scholarship for Outstanding Extra-curricular Performance Chung Chi College Scholarship for Mathematics EAS Students Chung Chi College Science Scholarship Chung Chi Grand Scholarships for EAS Students Chung Chi Ivy League Exchange Scholarship Chung Chi Mathematics Major Scholarship Chung Chi Mathematics Scholarship for Outstanding Freshman Chung Chi Scholarships for Distinguished EAS Students n