Newsletter No. 500

University Officers 43 Part 2 U niversity Officers Chancellor The Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region the Honourable Donald Yam-kuen Tsang 曾蔭權 Vice-Chancellor/President Prof. Lawrence J. Lau 劉遵義 Pro-Vice-Chancellors/Vice-Presidents Prof. Benjamin W.S. Wah 華雲生 , Provost (from December 2009) Prof. Kenneth Young 楊綱凱 Prof. Jack C.Y. Cheng 鄭振耀 Prof. Ching Pak-chung 程伯中 Prof. Michael K.M. Hui 許敬文 Prof. Henry N.C. Wong 黃乃正 Treasurer Mr. Roger K.H. Luk 陸觀豪 Head of Chung Chi College Prof. Leung Yuen-sang 梁元生 Head of New Asia College Prof. Henry N.C. Wong 黃乃正 Head of United College Prof. Fung Kwok-pui 馮國培 Head of Shaw College Prof. Joseph J.Y. Sung 沈祖堯 Dean of the Graduate School Prof. Wong Wing-shing 黃永成