Newsletter No. 500

The Senate 59 Part 2 T he Senate Vice-Chancellor/President (Chairman) Prof. Lawrence J. Lau 劉遵義 Pro-Vice-Chancellors/Vice-Presidents Prof. Benjamin W.S. Wah 華雲生 , Provost (from December 2009) Prof. Kenneth Young 楊綱凱 Prof. Jack C.Y. Cheng 鄭振耀 Prof. Ching Pak-chung 程伯中 Prof. Michael K.M. Hui 許敬文 Prof. Henry N.C. Wong 黃乃正 Head of each College Prof. Leung Yuen-sang 梁元生 Prof. Henry N.C. Wong 黃乃正 Prof. K.P. Fung 馮國培 Prof. Joseph J.Y. Sung 沈祖堯 Dean of each Faculty and of the Graduate School Prof. Hsiung Ping Chen 熊秉真 Prof. Wong Tak Jun 黃德尊 Prof. Lee Chi-kin 李子建 Prof. Peter T.S. Yum 任德盛 Prof. Mike McConville Prof. T.F. Fok 霍泰輝 Prof. Kwan Hoi Shan 關海山 Prof. Paul S.N. Lee 李少南 Prof. Wong Wing-shing 黃永成 Professors, or Readers in each Department in which there is no Professor Prof. Anil T. Ahuja Prof. Anthony Chan 陳德章 Prof. Chan Hsiao Chang 陳小章