Calendar 2010–11

The Council 41 Part 2 T he Council Chairman Dr. Vincent H.C. Cheng 鄭海泉 Vice-Chairman Dr. Raymond P.L. Kwok 郭炳聯 Vice-Chancellor/President Prof. Joseph J.Y. Sung 沈祖堯 Pro-Vice-Chancellors/Vice-Presidents Prof. Benjamin W. Wah 華雲生 , Provost Prof. Kenneth Young 楊綱凱 Prof. Jack C.Y. Cheng 鄭振耀 Prof. Ching Pak-chung 程伯中 Prof. Michael K.M. Hui 許敬文 Prof. Henry N.C. Wong 黃乃正 Treasurer Mr. Roger K.H. Luk 陸觀豪 Life members appointed by the Council Sir Yuet-keung Kan 簡悅強 Dr. the Honourable Run Run Shaw 邵逸夫 Dr. the Honourable Lee Quo-wei 利國偉 Dr. Lee Hon-chiu 利漢釗 Two members elected by the Board of Trustees of each College from among its own members Mr. Karl C.L. Kwok 郭志樑 Mr. Aubrey K.S. Li 李國星 In relation to the original Colleges and Shaw College