Calendar 2010–11

42 Part 2 • Establishment Part 2 Mr. Charles Y.W. Leung 梁英偉 Mr. Heung Shu-fai 香樹輝 Mr. Shum Choi-sang 岑才生 Mr. Anthony Y.C. Yeh 葉元章 Mr. Lee Woo-sing 李和聲 Ms. Kelly K.Y. Cheng 鄭潔賢 The Head of each College Prof. Leung Yuen-sang 梁元生 Prof. Shun Kwong-loi 信廣來 Prof. Fung Kwok-pui 馮國培 Prof. Andrew C.F. Chan 陳志輝 The Dean of each Faculty and of the Graduate School Prof. Hsiung Ping-chen 熊秉真 Prof. Wong Tak-jun 黃德尊 Prof. Leslie N.K. Lo 盧乃桂 Prof. Wong Ching-ping 汪正平 Prof. Mike McConville Prof. Fok Tai-fai 霍泰輝 Prof. Ng Cheuk-yiu 伍灼耀 Prof. Paul S.N. Lee 李少南 Prof. Wong Wing-shing 黃永成 One Fellow of each College elected by the College’s Assembly of Fellows* Prof. Cheung Yuet-wah 張越華 Prof. Chu Ka-hou 朱嘉濠 Prof. Jimmy C.M. Yu 余濟美 Prof. Freedom Y.K. Leung 梁耀堅 Three members elected by the Senate from among the academic members of the Senate Prof. Fanny M.C. Cheung 張妙清 Six persons nominated by the Chancellor Dr. Vincent H.C. Cheng 鄭海泉 Sir C.K. Chow 周松崗 Dr. Paul M.L. Kan 簡文樂 Mr. Dick M.K. Lee 李明逵 Mr. Willy S.M. Lin 林宣武 Sister Margaret K.L. Wong 黃金蓮 In relation to the original Colleges and Shaw College