Facts and Figures 2011

Chung Chi College College Motto: In Pursuit of Excellence Chung Chi College was founded in 1951 by the Protestant Churches in Hong Kong to fill the need for a local institution of higher learning that would be both Chinese and Christian. It is characterized by an emphasis on liberal arts education and whole-person development. Weiyuan Lake , the name in pinyin , literally meaning ‘not complete’, not only describes the shape of the lake but is a clever footnote to the College motto ‘In Pursuit of Excellence’, which is ‘ Ad Excellentiam ’ in Latin. The double-storey A-frame Chung Chi Tang, built in 1972, serves as a student recreation centre and canteen. Lake Ad Excellentiam Built in 1961, the College Chapel is situated half way up the hill along Chung Chi Road. Its colourful blocks of granite were indigenous and excavated while developing the College campus. Chung Chi Tang The College Chapel Colleges 4