Facts and Figures 2011

New Asia College College Motto: Sincerity and Intelligence New Asia College was founded in 1949 by a group of scholars from mainland China headed by Prof. Ch’ien Mu who aimed at preserving traditional Chinese culture and balancing it with Western learning so that students might understand their cultural heritage while being able to cope with the challenges of the modern world. Pavilion of Harmony The pavilion illustrates the idea of the ‘union of man and nature’ advocated by Prof. Ch’ien Mu. Sitting by the pond, one may feel to be an integral part of the nature. New Asia Amphitheatre A popular venue for students’ activities. Names of the College graduates arranged by year of graduation are engraved on the two curved walls in the amphitheatre. The Statue of Confucius The statue in bronze faces north toward the hometown of Confucius in Shandong province. At the back of the statue is a bamboo stick engraved with Confucius’ teaching ideal, ‘ever learning, and never tired of teaching’. 5