CUHK: Focus at 50

12 聚焦凝鏡:中大金禧紀實 CUHK: Focus at 50 錢穆先生 Mr. Ch’ien Mu 新亞書院創校院長 Founding President of New Asia College 「錢穆先生認為中國即使有科學、民主,還欠儒家思想,所以他要宣揚儒家思想 來救中國。因此他來香港,建立新亞書院,新亞就是希望建立一個新的亞洲。」 — 新亞書院畢業生(1956)黃祖植 ‘Apart from science and democracy, Mr. Ch’ien Mu believed that Confucianism was indispensable to China; it was also what the country lacked. To promote Confucianism for the benefit of China, Mr. Ch’ien came to Hong Kong to establish New Asia College. “New Asia” was his hope for fostering a brand new Asia.’ — Mr. Wong Cho-chi, Graduate of New Asia College (1956) 李卓敏博士 Dr. Choh-ming Li 中大創校校長 Founding Vice-Chancellor of CUHK 「根據英國傳統,每個殖民地只容許一所大學。要打破傳統,李卓敏校長用了渾 身解數,才爭取到與港大完全平等的地位,最明顯的一個成果,就是得到了現在 橫跨整座山頭的校園。」 — 中大前秘書長陳方正教授 ‘According to British tradition, only one university was allowed for each colony. Dr. Choh-ming Li devoted much of his effort to break convention and CUHK was granted equal status with HKU. Another significant achievement was that the University obtained an extensive campus which took up the entire hillside.’ — Prof. Chen Fong-ching, Former University Secretary of CUHK 高錕教授 Prof. Charles K. Kao 中大前校長、諾貝爾物理學獎得主( 2009 ) Former Vice-Chancellor of CUHK, Nobel Laureate in Physics (2009) 「高錕校長認為中大的教學使命,是要令畢業生達到世界一流水準,並使中大成 為香港知識力量的基礎,這與李卓敏校長當年的目標一致,但他則踏入另一個階 段,將願景變成現實。」 — 中大前校長金耀基教授 ‘Professor Kao believed CUHK’s mission should be to foster world-class graduates. Moreover, he wanted to develop CUHK into a base for nurturing the power of knowledge in Hong Kong. It was the same goal as Dr. Choh- ming Li’s, but he took a step further and turned that vision into reality.’ — Prof. Ambrose King, Former Vice-Chancellor of CUHK 人文胸懷 The Humanistic Spirit 不同年代、不同領域的中大人,各有動人故事。濃厚的人文精神,在「中大五十 • 人」錄像系列 一幕幕展現,打動後學心靈。 CUHK members of different generations and fields have their own inspiring stories. The video series ‘CU50 • The People’ shows the many facets of the CUHK spirit. 「中大五十 • 人」: ‘CU50 • The People’: