CUHK: Focus at 50

13 傳承 Embrace our Culture 楊振寧教授 Prof. C.N. Yang 中大博文講座教授、諾貝爾物理學獎得主( 1957 ) CUHK Distinguished Professor-at-Large, Nobel Laureate in Physics (1957) 「我在近八十歲時,考慮到要把獎章、文章、手稿和書信存放到甚麼地方,最後決 定放到中大,我想那是一個正確的決定,我和中大的關係不俗,而且中大的管理、 態度和經濟很好,我覺得放在這裏會發揮更大用處。」 ‘When I was nearly 80 years old, I was thinking of where to keep my medals, papers, manuscripts and letters. Finally I decided to place them at CUHK. It was the right decision. I have a good relationship with the University. Moreover, the University has excellent administration, vision and finances. Keeping them here would benefit future generations.’ 盧煜明教授 Prof. Dennis Y.M. Lo 醫學院李嘉誠醫學講座教授,率先發現孕婦血漿存有胎兒DNA Li Ka Shing Professor of Medicine, CUHK; Pioneer in discovering the presence of fetus DNA in maternal plasma 「因為母親血液所含的胎兒細胞,數量非常少,我們花了八年時間,都沒法達至 完善。但每天都會有一點進步,就是這小小的進步,令我們可繼續下去。」 ‘Due to the limited number of fetal cells in a pregnant mother’s blood, eight years had passed and we had not perfected the tests. However, we saw small incremental progress day-by-day, which prompted us to carry on.’ 辛世文教授 Prof. Samuel S.M. Sun 善衡書院院長、「植物基因複製之父」 Master of S.H. Ho College, ‘Father of Plant Gene Cloning’ 「 1970 年我在美國開始參與農業生物技術研究,想將這些經驗和技術帶回中國, 所以決定返港。選擇中大,因為這是我母校;而且中大還在奮鬥上進的階段,我很 喜歡這種感覺,它鼓勵我繼續努力;此外,我很喜歡中大的書院制,我畢業於新 亞書院,受惠於它,所以想回來參與書院的持續發展和教育。」 ‘In 1970, I started to participate in agrobiotechnology research in the US. I wanted to bring this experience and technology back to China, so I returned to Hong Kong. I chose CUHK because it was my alma mater, and, CUHK was still in its developing stage. I like the feeling of being an underdog, which drives me to strive. Moreover, I like the college system. I graduated from New Asia College and gained a lot from it. I aspired to contribute to the development of the college education.’