CUHK: Focus at 50

26 聚焦凝鏡:中大金禧紀實 CUHK: Focus at 50 學人分享 Sharing Insights 海內外著名學者和大學各學院教授,獲邀向公眾分享其 專業範疇的真知灼見和獨有經驗,促進知識的交流與 弘揚。 World renowned scholars and prominent professors of the University’s Faculties were invited to share experience and expertise to help promote and disseminate knowledge. 傑出學人講座 CUHK 50th Anniversary Distinguished Lectures 1 津巴多教授: 從惡魔到英雄之旅 Prof. Philip Zimbardo: My Journey from Evil to Heroism 29.1.2013 2 馬道立首席法官: 香港社會的精粹—成文憲法的實踐與未來 The Honourable Chief Justice Geoffrey Ma Tao-li: The Essence of Our Society: From a Written Constitution to Reality and into the Future 50 Years 22.3.2013 3 傅高義教授: 中日能否和平共處? Prof. Ezra F. Vogel: Can China and Japan Make Peace? 28.3.2013 4 白先勇教授: 崑曲新美學:傳統與現代 Prof. Pai Hsien-yung Kenneth: New Aesthetics of Kunqu: Tradition in the Modern Era 18.4.2013 5 Herbert W. Marsh 教授: 學生對大學教學的評鑑:優化政策 和實踐 Prof. Herbert W. Marsh: Student Evaluation of University Teaching: Recommendation for Policy and Practice 2.7.2013 6 鍾南山教授: 從非典到H7N9禽流感—中國呼吸疾病感染 控制 Prof. Zhong Nanshan: From SARS to H7N9—Management of Acute Respiratory Virus Infection in China 17.10.2013 7 李歐梵教授: 全球化年代學者 / 知識分子的角色 Prof. Lee Ou-fan Leo: The Role of Scholars / Intellectuals in the Age of Globalization 29.11.2013 8 丘成桐教授: 哈佛百年,中大五十:從哈佛百年數學看培育 下一代 Prof. Yau Shing-tung: 150 Years of Mathematics at Harvard 23.12.2013 1 2 6 5