Newsletter No. 10

CUHK Newsletter 中大通訊 Vol. 1 No. 10 September 1990 New University Librarian The University has appointed Dr. Painan R.Wu as University Librarian from 1st September 1990. Dr. Wu, aged 52, graduated from National Chengchi University in Taiwan in 1964. He then studied library science at the University of Michigan and obtained a master's degree in the subject in 1968. His second master's degree in languages (1969) and Ph.D. degree in Middle Eastern history (1974) were obtained from the University of Utah, Dr. Wu started his career in 1968 as a cataloger and was appointed director of the Aziz S. Atiya Library for Middle Eastern Studies at the University of Utah in 1974. Since then, he has acquired extensive experience in library management by serving as director of other US libraries, including the Donald B. Watt Library of the School of International Training, Brattleboro, and the George T. Hall Library at Bloomfield College In New Jersey. Before joining this University. Dr. Wu was director of the Frank E. Gannet Memorial Library and Media Centre of Utica College, Syracuse University for six years. Dr. Wu is a member of the American Library Association and the Asia-Pacific Librarians Association. He is married, with two daughters. To Build a Service-Oriented Library in an Information Age An Interview with Dr. Painan R. Wu • You've lived and worked in the States for many years. What attracted you to return to Hong Kong and take up the post of librarian in The Chinese University? Will your family join you soon? • Like many other people, I find Hong Kong fascinating as a vibrant industrial, commercial and financial centre. I am particularly attracted by the reputation of The Chinese University of Hong Kong as an internationally renowned institution of higher learning. I believe the post of University Librarian will offer me an extraordinary opportunity for personal and professional growth. I ' l l be able to learn more about the tertiary education system here and library operation within this context and broaden my perspective i n librarianship. Also, as a Cantonese, I feel a special personal bond with Hong Kong and returning here seems to be a dream come true. Although the United States of America is my adopted country, it still is my second home. Now that my children have grown up and are in college, I have more ‘freedom ' to move where I desire. I am married and have two daughters. Mona is 23 and is a second year medical school student. Sonia, 18, w i l l enter Syracuse University this fall. Because school will start soon, neither of them is able to join me in Hong Kong this time. The y wil l certainly come to visit me during the winter vacation. My wife, Fu-mei, had originally planned to come to Hon g Kong with me for a short visit, but changed her schedule at the last moment because of teaching assignments at Utica College. She will join me in Hong Kong as soon as practicable. • CUHK Newsletter • Dr. Painan R.Wu I