Newsletter No. 10

Information in this section can only  be accessed with CWEM password . CUHK Newsletter CUH K Newslette r We welcome your contributions 1 Items for the next issue (mid October) should reach the Editor by 27th September 1990. 2. All contributions and suggestions should be sent to the Editor, CUHK Newsletter, c/o the Publication Office. University Secretariat, The Chinese University of Hong Kong (ext. 2936). 3. Contributions should be accompanied with Chinese translations; otherwise they will appear in the English version of the Newsletter only. 4. The Editor reserves the right to reject contributions and to edit all articles for reasons of clarity, length or grammar. Those who do not wish to have their articles amended should indicate clearly in writing. 5 No part of this Newsletter may be reproduced without the written consent of the Editor. 6. This publication has a circulation of 1,100 and is primarily intended for staff members of CUHK. Copies are also sent to local educational institutions and individuals associated with the University. Those who wish to be included on the mailing list please contact the Newsletter direct. Published by the Publication Office, The Chinese University of Hong Kong Editor: Amy K.Y. Leung Assistant Editors : K . L. Wan; Florence Chan Graphic Artist: Stella P.C. Lai 10