Newsletter No. 18

CUHK Newsletter 中 — 大 — 通 訊 Vol. 2-5 No. 18 May 1991 University News Vice-Chancellor Honoured by Soka University Prof. Charles K. Kao was recently awarded an honorary doctorate by the Soka University, Japan in recognition of his achievements in the f i e ld of electrical engineering, his significant contributions to the development of higher education, and the promotion of academic exchange between Soka University and CUHK. The conferment ceremony took place on 5th April during Prof. Kao's visit to Soka University. During the same visit, the vice-chancellor signed a new agreement for academic exchange between Soka University and CUHK. The agreement will provide for the exchange of one academic staff/ graduate student and up to eight undergraduate students each year for three years from 1992. Other cooperative programmes include joint research projects and conferences and the exchange of academic publications. The first exchange agreement between Soka University and CUHK was signed in 1975. Wei Lun Lecture by Prof. Wang Yuan P r o f . Wang Yuan, a leading authority on mathematics in China, delivered a public lecture entitled 'Mathematics in China - present situation and development' on 27th April as the University's Wei Lun Visiting Professor. In his lecture, Prof. Wang compared the numbers of mathematicians, mathematical publications, and library facilities in China during different periods over the past 40 years, and discussed the achievements and influence of eminent Chinese mathematicians. He pointed out that to promote the development of mathematics in China, the Chinese government must continue to implement the open door policy, increase grants for mathematical studies, and pay special attention to the nurturing of budding mathematicians. Prof. Wang Yuan is at present president of the Chinese Mathematical Society. He was director of the Institute of Mathematics, Academia Sinica from 1984 to 1987. His research on the famous mathematical problems ‘the Goldbach Conjecture' and ‘Diophantine Equations' has won international acclaim. UPGC Appointments A Research Grants Council was established under the aegis of the University and Polytechnic Grants Committee (UPGC) on 1st January 1991. Prof. Thomas Mak of the University has been appointed a member of the council and four other members of the University have been appointed to serve on three different subject panels under the council: Prof. Ambrose King, on the Humanities 1