Newsletter No. 20

CUHK Newsletter 中 — 大 — 通 — 訊 Vol. 2-7 No. 20 July 1991 University News New Admini st rat i ve Arrangements f or Several Service Uni ts New Structure for Academic Link Activities The University reaffirms the policy of continuing to expand academic links with major centres of excellence worldwide. To facilitate such an expansion the following new arrangements have beenmade: A Committee on Academic Links (for membership please refer to P.7) was set up in June 1991 to replace the Senate Committee on International Programmes. The new committee reports to the Administrative and Planning Committee and is chaired by Prof. Ambrose King, the pro-vice-chancellor, who will provide guidance and supervision for the development of the University's academic link activities. A new Office of Academic Links will also be established from 1st September 1991, with staff redeployed from the University Secretariat and the Office of International Studies Programme, to provide better coordinated and cost-effective administrative support services to various departments involved in the development of academic link activities. A director will be recruited to head the office and he will report administratively to Prof. Ambrose King. Office of Academic Links Director - to be appointed Associate Directors - Dr. C. B. Luen Ext. 7298 (also supports China link activities) Dr. Y. F. Law Ext. 7588 (also supports the International Asian Studies Programme and other international link activities) Coordination of Research and Development Activities Prof. S. W. Tam, pro-vice-chancellor, has assumed overall responsibility for providing guidance and supervision to the University's research and development ( R&D ) activities, as well as its industrial and business liaison programmes. He will also succeed the vice-chancellor as chairman of the Research Committee. The existing Office of Industrial and Business Development (OIBD) including the R & D Contract Administration Unit will from 1st August 1991 report administratively to Prof. S. W. Tam. The umbrella structure of the University Development Section in the University Secretariat will thereafter cease to exist. Office of Industrial & Business Development Director - Mr. Robert Wu Ext. 7865 Project Manager — Ms. Brenda Sun Ext. 7867 R & D Contract Administration Unit R&D Contract Administration Officer and Secretary to Research Committee 一 Mrs. Alice Yip Ext. 7869 New Line of Report for Transport Unit and Central Office Support Service Unit With effect from 13th May 1991 , the Transport Officer and the Supervisor of the Central Office Support Service Unit report administratively to Mr. Patrick Yiu, Senior Assistant Bursar. The two unit heads will however continue to be fully responsible for the efficient and smooth operation of their respective units. Transport Officer 一 Mr. Chan Kim Wan Ext.7990 Supervisor, Central Office Support Service - Mr. Cho Chung Ngok Ext.7276 I