Newsletter No. 21

CUHK Newsletter No.21 August 1991 Semina r o nUrba nSociolog y A seminar o n ‘Trends i n Urban Sociology: Hong Kong and Japan' wa s held from 8th t o 10th July focusing o n city life i n Hong Kong and Japan and new developments i n urban theories. The seminar was jointly organized b y the Japan Association fo r Urban Sociology, the University's Department o f Sociology and the Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies. Some 4 0 urban sociologists from Japan participated i n th e seminar and exchanged views with local academics o n topics such as urban cultural life, city immigration, urban informal economy, religious activities and urbanization, an d neighbourhood relationship and associations. The programme for the last day also featured a field trip t o Tseung Kwan O t o study the planning and development of the new town. Symposiu m o nIndustria l Polic y i nHon gKon g The Hong Kong Institute o f Asia Pacific Studies hosted a symposium on Industrial Policy i n Hong Kong: A n Interdisciplinary Study , on 12t h an d 13th July a t th e Cho Yi u Conference Hall. Prof. Charles K . Kao , the vice-chancellor, gave a keynote speech o n the technological road maps o f Hong Kong, and Mr. T. H. Barma, director of the Industry Department, wa s invited to talk about th e industrial policy o f the Hong Kong Government. Economists from local tertiary institutions presented papers o n a wide range o f topics: th e competitiveness o f Hong Kong's manufacturing industry, th e formation an d implementation o f industrial policy i n Hong Kong, th e transfer o f management know-how to medium and large industrial firms, and structural adaptation o f garment manufacturers i n Hong Kong. Both local an d overseas manufacturers, academics, and senior executives from the industrial and business sector took part in the discussion sessions. Worksho p o nEdibl eMushroom s Over 6 0 scholars and scientists from 14 countries attended a workshop o n ‘Culture Collection an d Breeding o f Edible Mushrooms' held on the campus from 14th t o 20th July. Th e function was jointly organized b y th e Department of Biology o f Th e Chinese University an d UNESCO, an d wa s formally opened b y Prof. Charles K . Kao, the vice-chancellor. Edible mushrooms have long served as a source of protein for human beings and their cultivation i s a major industry in many parts of the world. The workshop aimed a t providing participants pants with information o n th e principles of culture collection and breeding and the new techniques involved, and served as a forum fo r th e exchange of expertise a s well a s ideas about scientific collaboration between districts. The workshop was sponsored b y the Croucher Foundation, Glaxo Hong Kong Limited an d th e Beijing-Hong Kong Academic Exchange Centre. 2