Newsletter No. 21

No.21 August 1991 CUHK Newsletter 1 3 7 3 Graduate s i n 199 1 This year, a total o f 1373 students from five different faculties completed their full-time undergraduate programmes. The number o f graduates from each department is given below: Faculty of Arts Chinese Language & Literature 7 2 English 6 9 Fine Arts 2 1 History 5 7 Music 2 0 Philosophy 1 7 Religious Studies 1 4 Theology 1 271 Faculty of Business Administration Integrated BBA Programme 29 2 Faculty of Medicine Medicine & Surgery 10 3 Intercalated Degree Programme in Medical Sciences 4 107 Faculty of Science Biochemistry 2 7 Biology 5 5 Chemistry 5 6 Computer Science 6 4 Electronics 4 1 Physics 4 6 Mathematics 4 2 Statistics 2 0 351 Faculty of Social Science Anthropology 1 1 Economics 7 2 Geography 5 4 Government & Public Administration 4 4 Journalism & Communication 3 4 Psychology 2 1 Sociology 6 4 Social Work 5 2 352 Staff Development Grants i n1990-91 A Summar y Repor t The University administers a variety o f fellowships and scholarships fo r teaching and administrative staff to conduct research, pursue further studies in local o r overseas institutions, o r to broaden their experience through participation in conferences and publication projects. Here is a summary o f the major grants fo r staff development 1990-91 and the recipients o f such grants: CUHK-Robinson College Exchange Scheme Awardee: Mr. Lo Man-chiu, lecturer in government and public administration Project: To conduct research on mental health law at Robinson College, Cambridge University, UK. Period: 3-17.12.90 Freemasons' Fund for East Asian Studies Awardees: Dr. Fong Gee-fun, Gilbert, lecturer in translation; Mr. Hardy S. C. Tsoi, manager of Sir Run Run Shaw Hall Project: To organize the Hong Kong Drama Symposium and publish symposium papers. Period: 28-30.11.90 Awardee: Dr. Liu Wing-keung, Ken, lecturer in anatomy Project: to organize a discussion on ‘Bioenvironmental hazards on human health: effects,assessment and management'. Period: 30.6.90 Awardee: Dr. May Jane Chen, senior lecturer in psychology Project: To publish a book on human intelligence and its measurement. Period: 1990-91 C. Y. Kwan Endowment Fund Awardee: Dr. Benjamin C. Ostrov, lecturer in government and public administration Project: To audit a course in political science at the University of Chicago, USA and to initiate research on the modernization of newly emerging states, using Singapore as a case study. Period: 1.1-31.3.91 Awardee: Dr. Chan Moung-yin, Anthony, lecturer in accountancy Project: To attend an oral examination for a doctoral degree at the School of Management and Economic Studies, University of Sheffield, UK. Period 20.11-1.12.90 Lee Hysan Foundation Endowment Fund Awardee: Dr. Zee Yun-yang, lecturer in anthropology Project: To conduct research on the Wu dialect of Chinese at Cornell University, USA. Period: 20.8.90-18.9.91 3