Newsletter No. 21

Information in this section can only  be accessed with CWEM password . CUHK Newsletter No.21 August 1991 Awardee: Mr. LauWing-chung, instructor of physical education Project: To pursue Ph,D. studies in sports sociology at Springfield College, USA. Period: 20.6-31.8.91 Awardee: Mr. Leung Chi-kam, scientific officer, Clinical Immunology Unit Project: To study the techniques of endothelial cell and mesangial cell culture at the Department of Internal Medicine, Leiden University Hospital, the Netherlands. Period: 29.5-28.6.91 Diploma Course in Management for Executive Development (MED) Scholarships Awardees: Mrs. Caroline Ting Chan, executive officer I, Part-time Degree Programmes Section, Registry Mrs. Wong Leung Mei-yin, computer officer. Information Management Unit Project: To attend the MED diploma course Period: 6.9.90-7.91 Personalia 4