Newsletter No. 31

CUHK Newsletter 中 I 大 — 通 — 訊 Vol. 3-6 No. 31 June 1992 University News Hui Yeung ShingB u i l d i n gFormallyOpened The Hui Yeung Shing Building was formally opened by Sir Yuet-keung Kan, pro-chancellor of the University, on 21st May. The new 10-storey building with a total floor area of 5,350 square meters represents the first phase of the redevelopment of teaching blocks at Chung Chi College. It accommodates offices, classrooms, laboratories and rehearsal rooms for the departments of music, Japanese studies, and religion, as well as The Chinese University Press. The building has been named after the late Mr. Hui Yeung Shing, a trustee of New Asia College from the early 1950s until his death in 1981 , in recognition of the staunch support he gave to the University for various academic development programmes. Wei Lun Visiting Professor Talks about Imperfections Prof. Peter Townsend, professor of experimental physics from the University of Sussex, gave a lecture on The Need for Imperfections' on 14th May at Lecture Theatre I of the Lady Shaw Building. ‘Crystals are like people,' he said, ‘it is their imperfections which make them interesting.’ In his lecture, Prof. Townsend explained how perfect materials do not, and cannot exist. He pointed out some common features of imperfections in different materials and explained how imperfections could be controlled and engineered to advantage. Common examples of defect-controlled processes and devices included, he said, semiconductors, the photographic process, TV phosphors, hardness, solid state lasers, and optical fibres. Prof. Townsend's visit to the University was sponsored by the Wei Lun Visiting Professorship Fellowship Programme. In addition to giving a public lecture on imperfections, he conducted two seminars during his stay, one on optical effects of ion implantation, and the other on thermoluminesence spectra in physics and geology. 1