Newsletter No. 34

中 — 大 — 通 — 訊 CUHK Newsletter Vol. 3-9 No. 34 September 1992 University News Research Findings on 1991 Di rect Elections A group of local academics and researchers conducted a survey on last year's Legislative Council elections and released preliminary findings on 27th August. CUHK researchers involved include Dr. K. S. Louie of the Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies, Dr. Joseph Chan of the Department of Journalism and Communication, Dr. Ngo Hang-yue of the Department of Organization and Management, and Dr. Tsang Wing-kwong of the Department of Educational Administration and Policy. They selected some 1,600 registered electors from the electoral roll to interview and found that those with higher socioeconomic status and a better education background had a greater propensity to vote. The survey also reveals that the official register of electors contains many errors, which have been caused by deaths, emigration, removal, and the demolition of buildings. The error rate is as high as 17 to 24 per cent. The Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies will hold a conference on 13th October to present other findings of the survey. Conferences on Economic Reforms i n China and I n f ormal Politics i n East Asia The Chinas Reform and Development Research Programme of the Hong Kong Institute of Asia-Pacific Studies hostedtwo international conferences in August, attracting closeto 100 academics and researchers from local and abroad. Conference on Productivity, Efficiency and Reform in China's Economy 3rd to 6th August Co-organizers of the function included the Department of Economics at the University of Pittsburgh, and the Institute of Quantitative and Technical Economics of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Over 50 academics and economists from the United States, Australia, China, Taiwan and Hong Kong attended the function, which was divided into six discussion sessions: reform and productivity, productivity issues, national/regional productivity issues, sectoral productivity, measurement of productivity and data problems, and interregional comparisons of productivity. International Symposium on Informal Politics in East Asia 17th and 18th August Informal Politics generally means political activities that are not regulated by legal procedures, or those areas in 1