Newsletter No. 40

中 I 大 I 通 — 訊 CUHK Newsletter Vol 4-3 No. 40 March 1993 University News More Celebration Activities This Month Exhibition A four-day exhibition to commemorate the University's 30th anniversary will be held in the Exhibition Hall of the City Hall from 26th to 29th March. On display will be some 150 panels carrying materials that illustrate the history of the University, its teaching and research activities, student life, alumni profiles, and its contributions to the community. There will also be video shows and a graphic statement of the University's aspiration to lead, innovate, and serve into the 21st century. To create closer interaction between the organizers and the viewers, staff and students of the University will stage a number of live performances, which include demonstrations of medical skills, playing Chinese music, singing folk songs, producing sketches and Chinese calligraphy. Officiating at the opening ceremony on 26th March (11.30 a.m.) will be the Hon. John Chan, Secretary for Education and Manpower; Sir Quo-wei Lee, chairman of the University Council; and Prof. Charles K. Kao, vice-chancellor of the University. The exhibition will be open to the public from 9.30 a.m. to 7.30 p.m. Concert The University's 30th anniversary concert, to be presented by the Chung Chi Choir, will be held on 29th March 1993 at the Concert Hall of the City Hall. Dr. Victor Chan will be the conductor for the concert. The Chinese University Orchestra and the Chinese University Early Music Ensemble will also give performances. There will be a piano duet by Prof. David Gwilt and Mrs. Marilyn Watson. The concert will start at 8.00 p.m. and tickets at HK$100, $60 and $40 are being sold at URBTIX outlets. 30th Anniversary Lecture 'Chinese and Foreign Learning Both as Substance and as Use - A Proposal for the Modernization of Chinese Culture' Speaker: Prof. Tse-tsung Chow, Professor of East Asian Language and History, The University of Wisconsin, USA Date: Thursday, 18th March Time: 4.30 p.m. Place: Shaw College Lecture Theatre Organizer: Faculty of Arts International Meeting on Ophthalmology 'Hong Kong Retina 1993' Date: 29th March to 2nd April Place: Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre Organizer: Eye Unit. Department of Surgery 30th Anniversary Lecture: Prof. Thurow Talks about Economic Developments i n the US T h e second 30th anniversary lecture organized by the Faculty of Business Administration was held on 18th February at lecture theatre LT6 in the Lady Shaw Building. Prof. Lester C. Thurow from the Sloan School of Management of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology delivered a public lecture entitled ‘Recent Economic Developments, the Clinton Administration and Business Education Development in the United States'. Prof. Thurow, a leading economist whose expertise lies in public finance, macroeconomics and income distribution, was economic adviser to former US President Lyndon Johnson, and until recently dean of the Sloan School of Management at MIT. In his lecture, Prof. Thurow pointed out that global economic development would depend on the economic recovery of the United States. He was supportive of President Clinton's comprehensive plan to twist the US economy from consumption to investment but cautioned that its success would hinge on several factors, including the reduction of Japan's enormous trade surplus with the US. He forecast that ‘brain power' industries such as robots, telecommunication, I