Newsletter No. 40

University News 1
More Celebration Activities This Month 1
30th Anniversary Lecture: Prof. Thurow Talks about Economic Developments in the US 1
Director of Administrative Services Assumes Office 2
CUHK to Collaborate with UK Universities on Three Research Projects 2
M.Sc. in Clinical Biochemistry Accredited by IMLS 2
A Multi-purpose High Field Superconducting Spectrometer to be Installed 2
CUHK Students Outdo Five Teams in Chemistry Olympiad 3
Professor of Community and Family Medicine Warns about Health Threats in the Environment 3
Siu-lien Ling Wong Visiting Fellow 1992–93 3
A New Reference Chart to Gauge Children's Growth 4
Orientation Day for Sixth Formers 4
Service to the Community and International Organizations 4
College Life 5
'To Know the Basic Law' 5
'The World in Mathematics' 5
Staff Tennis Tournament 5
Features 6
Some Remarks on the Preparation of Souvenirs for the 30th Anniversary Celebration 6
Announcements 9
Professorial Inaugural Lecture 9
Professor of Economics Visits United College 9
Better Benefits for Terms C Staff 9
Medical Benefits for Retired Staff 9
Campus Network Applications Fair in April 9
Paintings by Chang Dai-chien on Exhibition 9
Come Join the Staff Football Club 9
Obituary 9
Give Blood 8
Personalia 10