Newsletter No. 52

Vol. 5 3 No.52 March 1994 State-of-the -Art Eye Surgery at PWH Eye doctor s a t th e University's teaching hospita l have succe s s f u l l y performed microsurgery t o treat age-relate d macula r degeneration (AMD) . AMD i s usuall y foun d in peopl e age d 6 0 o r above . It affect s the centra l par t o f the retin a calle d th e macul a which governs visual acuity. It is no t easil y detectabl e i n its early stage and there is as yet n o treatmen t t o sto p it s progression. I n it s activ e stage, bloo d vessel s aroun d the macul a wil l bleed , resulting in th e sever e los s o f central vision. When a dense scar i s forme d afte r th e bleeding the patient's central vision wil l be damaged permanently. In th e las t fou r month s some 1 0 AM D patient s underwent microsurger y a t the Prince of Wales Hospital to have their scars removed . The operatio n involve d excising th e vitreou s ge l inside th e eyebal l an d making a smal l incisio n o n the retin a nex t t o th e sca r tissue. Throug h th e incisio n delicate instrument s wer e inserted t o remov e th e sca r from beneath th e retin a an d then ou t o f th e eye . Th e incision o n th e retin a wa s then seale d with laser . Such submacula r surgery was firs t performe d in th e US A bac k i n 1991 . The PW H i s on e o f th e few medica l centre s i n th e world capabl e o f providin g such treatmen t t o patient s with AMD , helpin g the m to regai n som e o f thei r central vision . Fo r th e firs t time i n Hon g Kon g AM D becomes treatabl e b y ey e surgery. Better Pharmaceutical Care, Less Morbidity Drug-related morbidit y an d mortality i n hospital s wil l be minimized i f pharmacist s adopt th e concep t o f pharmaceutical care, accordin g to Prof . Kennet h Raymond , professor of pharmacy . In hi s professoria l inaugural lecture give n on 4t h February, Prof . Raymon d reviewed th e evolutio n o f the pharmacy profession and called upo n pharmacist s t o adopt a ne w philosoph y o f pharmacy practice . The y should redirec t thei r focus ' from pharmaceutica l products and biological systems to patient-centre d pharmaceutical care. The y hav e a social responsibilit y fo r ensuring the best drug therap y for their patients and patien t safety. The y shoul d als o b e personally concerne d wit h the effect of their services on the patient' s qualit y o f lif e and no t merel y wit h th e ac t of providing such services . He pointe d ou t tha t the scienc e o f pharmacy , when applie d withi n th e concept o f pharmaceutica l care, would lead to enhanced patient care , eliminat e dru g waste and reduce drug costs. Entitled Tills , Potion s and Politics', the lecture was held a t lectur e theatr e LT1 of the Lady Shaw Building. NO.52 MARCH 1994 1