Newsletter No. 57

C U H K NEWSLETTER China and gradually advance in their careers, their ties with CUHK will continue and more opportunities for j o i nt research are expected. The Department of Chemistry has set up a workshop committee to oversee the project and to make regular reports to the donor. On the right are details of instrumentation workshops that are being planned. Year Tentative Title Coordinator(s) 1995 Single Crystal X-Ray Structure Analysis Prof. T.C.W. Mak 1995 NMR of Biological Molecules Dr. S.C.F. Au-Yeung 1996 Modern Laser Light Scattering Dr. C. Wu and Dr. K. Xia (Physics) 1996 Surface Analysis Dr. G.K.C. Hui and Dr. R.W.M. Kwok 1997 Analytical Mass Spectrometry Dr. D.T.W. Chan Colloquium on Nurse Education : Curriculum Ideology and Philosophy A colloquium on nurse education was held on CUHK campus on 9th June 1994, attracting some 100 nurse educators from different countries. Since May 1993 a group of nurse education researchers have been working together with the expressed purposes of studying baccalaureate nursing degrees in different parts of the world, identifying areas of commonality and difference in curriculum, and trying to explain the reasons for the difference. The long-term purpose of the research is to provide a body of information on nursing education and to stimulate debate on international collaboration in the areas of credit accumulation and transfer and student exchange. The research has benefited from contributions from team members in Australia, Britain, Hong Kong, mainland China, South Africa and the USA. During the course of research it had become obvious that there were many d i f f e r ent ideologies and philosophies influencing curriculum in many ways. The research team was thus keen to organize a co l l oqu i um to share findings with other nurse educators, researchers, and managers in Hong Kong. At the meeting, six guest speakers talked about the importance and relevance of curriculum ideology and philosophy, utilizing examples from their own countries. They were Prof. Zhoa Bing-Hua, Beijing Medical University, China; Dr. Philip Burnard, University of Wales, UK; Dr. Judith Anderson, State University of New Jersey, USA; Dr. Colin Holmes, Deakin University, Australia; Dr. Peter French, C U H K ; and M r . Thomas Wong, Hong Kong Polytechnic. Environmental Issues Being Examined A group of 50 university students from Hong Kong, China and Taiwan compared notes on environmental issues at a seminar held at the University's Cho Yiu Conference Hall on 22nd July 1994. The seminar dealt with a wide range of topics from environmental problems to environmental education. CUHK students presented findings of a large- scale survey on university students' awareness of the need for environmental protection. An open forum on 'How to Balance Economic Effectiveness and Environmental Protection' was held the following day at the Shaw College Lecture Theatre. Participants included Mrs. May Ng, director of the Friends of the Earth, and representatives of the Industry Department and the business sector. Both the seminar and the forum formed part of a 10-day visitation programme jointly organized by New Asia College, the Sun Yat-sen University in Taiwan and Zhong Shan University in Guangzhou. NO.57 AUGUST 1994 2