Newsletter No. 59

Vol.5‧10 No.59 O c t o b e r 1 9 9 4 From the Editor It Takes Only Five Minutes to Complete Enclosed in this newsletter is a questionnaire to survey readers' preferences and views in respect of the format and contents of the CUHK Newsletter. There are 12 questions in all, and for most of them readers need only tick off appropriate answers. It can be completed in five minutes. Spare us five minutes, complete the questionnaire, and return it to us at your earliest convenience. We need the information and data to plan our f u t u re issues and make the newspaper more readable to you. Every answer counts. All personal information you give w i ll be kept confidential, and if you want to stay anonymous, leave the questionnaire unsigned. Feel free however to put down any additional comments and suggestions you may have. In case you wish to discuss specific topics with us, leave a contact number and we'll call you. A report of the survey will be published in December. By then we hope we'll have a better idea of what you want f r om this newsletter. We may not be able to comply with all your wishes, but at least we know wh i ch direction to try. CUHK Business School Ranks Among Asia's Top Five The September 1994 issue of Asia, Inc. carries an article about top-notch MBA programmes offered by institutions of higher learning over the world. It also publishes a list of the top five business schools in Asia. The Chinese University is the only institution in Hong Kong to be listed as Asia's top five. The four other institutions offering high quality M B A programmes are found in Japan, Thailand, India, and the Philippines. The University's first graduate programme in business administration was launched in 1966 and is the forerunner of all MBA programmes in Hong Kong. Four Wi ns i n a Row In the eighth intervarsity rowing championship held on the Shing Mun River on 18th September, the CUHK men's team beat its HKU counterpart in the coxed eight 3,000- metre race for the fourth time in four consecutive years. The women's race this year was won by the HKU team, who retrieved the championship they had lost four years ago in 1990. Rowers prepare for the race (top ); 'We are the champion' (left); Vice-Chancellor Charles Kao encourages CU team members (below). MO.59OCTOBER 1994 1