Newsletter No. 78

News 1
Three Legislative Councillors Become University Council Members 1
Architecture Historian Gives Wei Lun Lecture 1
Consortium Founded on CUHK Initiative to Promote Electronic Information Services in Hong Kong 1
To Know More About Internal Audit in the University 1
Getting a Close-up on Vision 1
Electronic Resources Centre Opens at UC 2
United We Celebrate 2
Graduation 2
Seminar on Engineering Education at CUHK 2
VC-Designate Meeting with the Press 2
Chung Chi Celebrates 2
Friendly Matches among Three Universities 2
New Books 2
Forum 3
Into the Third Month at CUHK 3
Announcements 5
Arrangements for Congregation Day 5
Wei Lun Lecture 5
Committee Renamed 5
Composition of Three Committees 5
Swimming Pool News 5
Personalia 6