Newsletter No. 110

Gettin g to Kno w All abou t Chin a Prof. Arthur K. C. Li speaking at the award presentation ceremony S ome 200 CUHK students w i ll visit China this summer for work and study under the first China Career Development Award Programme. Organized by the Office of Student A f f a i rs and the Office o f Academic Links (China), the programme is the most organized and extensive one for students of local tertiary institutions. The University hopes, through running the programme, to establish partnerships with commercial and industrial firms in China, and to enable students to acquire experience and knowledge of business operations on the mainland. The programme comprises two parts. The first — a four-week training course entitled 'Knowing Contemporary China'— is modelled on the training programme for c i v il servants i n Hong Kong. Academics, government officials, and other experts w i l l give lectures on China's socio-political and economic systems. There will be visits to courthouses, factories, farms, as well as the homes of instructors to enhance th e participants' understanding o f China. The second part is a six- week internship wherein students w i l l be assigned to either the branch offices of Hong Kong- based companies i n Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, o r other commercial and cultural organizations in Beijing. The projected cost per student is about HK$10,000. Each student will be required to pay HK$ 1,500; the rest is subsidized by the University. Vice-chancellor Prof. Arthur K. C. L i presented the awards to the selected students on 27th May. Guests of honour at the presentation ceremony were Mr. Weng Xin Qiao, head of the Education, Science and Technology Department of the Xinhua News Agency (Hong Kong branch); Mr. Paul Cheng, chairman of the University's Appointments Board; as well as donors and representatives f r om the sponsoring companies. A counselling programme was held on 14th and 15th June t o prepare participants for the trip ahead. 1997 Gender Role Workshop Chair of the Equal Opportunities Commission explaining the commission's policy T owards Equal Employment Opportunities— Ideal and Reality', a workshop organized b y th e Gender Research Programme o f the Hong Kong Institute of Asia- Pacific Studies, was held at the University on 24th May. The workshop aimed a t promoting communication between government policy makers, workers' and employers' associations, women's groups, and the general public on equal employment opportunities. Prof. Fanny Cheung, chairperson of the Equal Opportunities Commission, explained the policy of the commission at the opening ceremony. Other speakers a t the workshop included Ms K. L. Tu, coordinator of the Hong Kong Women Workers' Association; Ms Gloria Chan, personnel manager of Marks and Spencer; and Dr. C. H. Ng, lecturer in sociology at the University of Hong Kong. Ms Tu spoke on the difficulties faced by working women, especially those above 30; Ms Chan related her company's experience in enforcing equal employment opportunities; and Dr. Ng discussed the role of the Equal Opportunities Commission. The workshop was concluded by a role play performed by students of the University, that highlighted difficulties encountered by working women. Walkathon Cheques Payable to Those in Need T he cheque presentation ceremony of the ‘97 CUHK Spring Walkathon' was held on 22nd May at Hotel Furama Kempinski. The walkathon, held on 23rd February at the University, raised a total of HK$lmillion. Half of the amount went to the Community Chest, while the other half was split equally between the Bums Unit of the Department of Surgery and the University's Alumni Trail project. At the ceremony, acting vice- chancellor Prof. Kenneth Young presented dummy cheques to the three beneficiaries. Chairman of the CUHK Convocation, Mr. Lee Kam-chung, presented souvenirs to the patrons of the walkathon: Prof. A r t hur K . C . L i (represented by Prof. Kenneth Young), Dr. Alice Lam, Prof. Joseph C. K. Lee, and Mr. Charles Y. K. Lee. The United College team and the Medical Faculty team each received a special trophy for having the highest number of walkers and raising the highest amount of money respectively. To respond to the walkathon's appeal for funds for charity, the Shaw Foundation also donated HK$1 million to the Burns Unit for the purchase of a set of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy equipment, the first such equipment to be installed i n a public hospital in the territory. The equipment features the release of high levels of oxygen in a pressurized environment to assist i n the healing of burn wounds and serious infections. DEPARTMENT OF NURSING RESEARCH PRESENTATION An exhibition of research posters by final-year students from the post-registration Bachelor of Nursing Programme was held on 29th April in the Sino Building. Nurses from hospitals, community centres, and tertiary institutions listen to presentations of research projects by the Department of Nursing.