Newsletter No. 113

The Firs t Centr e fo rNutritiona l Studies Inaugurated on Campus To promote nutrition research locally and enhance awareness o f th e importance of nutrition among health care workers and the public, experts from different academic departments pooled resources and set up Hong Kong's first centre for nutritional studies on campus last March. In a press conference held on 5th September to introduce the centre to the public, Prof. Edith Lau Ming-Chu of the Department of Community and Family Medicine spoke on how high intake of animal protein and salt and a low- calcium diet are related to the epidemic of osteoporosis in Hong Kong. Prof. Sophie Leung Suk-Fong of the Department of Paediatrics discussed the findings of an assessment of diet in relation to health for Chinese adults in the territory, and the measurement of child growth by a set of locally-devised standards. Prof. Walter King of the Department of Surgery talked about the importance of nutritional support in the provision of total care for hospital patients. The centre also organized its first annual scientific symposium at the Prince of Wales Hospital on 6th September for some 120 doctors, nurses, and dieticians from local hospitals, as well as students majoring in food and nutritional studies and in biochemistry. Themes of discussion ranged from antioxidants, obesity, bone health, osteoporotic fracture to local growth nutritional studies and nutritional support for elderly Chinese vegetarians and hospitalized patients. Facilitie s fortheDisable d The University was recently allocated a one-off grant of HK$3 million by the University Grants Committee for the acquisition of equipment and facilities for disabled persons on the campus. A working group has been set up to examine the specific needs of students and other persons with hearing impairment, visual impairment, and other forms of disabilities, and how such needs can be met by installing special equipment in the library, computer centres, classrooms, and hostels to facilitate learning and general movement. Members of the working group are drawn from the Registry, the Secretariat, the Office of Administrative Affairs, the Buildings Office, the Office of Student Affairs, the University Library, the University Health Service, hostels as well as student unions. The number of disabled students in the University as at the end of August 1997 was 23, including seven with impaired vision, eight with impaired hearing, and another eight with other forms of disabilities. Getting a Taste of Quality Teaching Thirty-eight new teachers from 25 academic departments took part in a two-day orientation programme organized for them by the University's Teaching Development Unit (TDU) on 28th and 29th August. With 'Nuturing a Culture of Quality of Teaching' as it s theme, the programme began with an experience-sharing session. Si x experienced teachers — Profs Andrew Chan (Marketing), Tunney Lee (Architecture), L i Wai Kee (Chemistry), Leslie Lo (Educational Administration and Policy), Teresa Siu (TDU), and Jean Woo (Medicine and Therapeutics) — shared their views on teaching and their actual teaching experience with the newcomers. A discussion session followed in which participants were divided into small groups to discuss 'Powerful Ideas in Teaching'. Profs Chua Bee Leng (Management), Cecilia Chun (Curriculum and Instruction), David Coniam (Curriculum and Instruction), Charles Leung (Economics), and Alisa Shum (Anatomy) served as facilitators of discussion. The new teachers also watched videotapes featuring an effective and an ineffective instructor, and listened t o presentations by representatives of the Computer Services Centre, the University Library System, and the Personnel Office on facilities and services available on campus and the University's organization structure. Each year the TDU organizes similar programmes for new teachers to familiarize them with the University and cultivate a greater awareness of the importance of good teaching. $8.7 MILLION FOR RESEARCH Three research projects undertaken by University staff members have recently won substantial funding support from different sponsors: • Identification and Evaluation of Biologically Active Compounds Present in Chinese Green Tea Sponsor: Wei Lun Education Endowment (HK$835,000) Researchers: Profs Z.Y. Chen, W.P. Fong, K.P. Fung, Y. Huang, T.T. Kwok, and K.N. Leung • Increasing Women's Knowledge of the Prevention of Cervical Cancer and the Uptake of Cervical Screening: The Implementation of a Nurse- led Community Outreach Project Sponsor: Health Care and Promotion Fund (HK$533,576) Researchers: Dr. Sheila F. Twinn and Prof. June M.H. Mak •Preclinicaland Clinical ValidationofFructusCrataegi and Green Tea in Lowering Blood Lipids Sponsor: Industrial Support Fund (HK$7,311,000) Researchers: Profs Walter K.K. Ho, Julian A.J.H. Critchley, K.K. Mark, B. Tomlinson, Z.Y. Chen, Henry N.C. Wong, David C.C. Wan, Christopher W.K. Lam, and M. Zhu Hong Kong Institution of Science Holds Annual Scientific Conference on CUHK Campus The Hong Kong Institution of Science held its fifth annual scientific conference at the University's Ho Sin- Hang Engineering Building on Saturday, 6th September to discuss the development of scientific research as well as science and technology policies in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, mainland China, and Taiwan. Mr. Kwong Ki-Chi, Acting Financial Secretary of the government, gave a keynote speech on 'Science and Technology Policy for the HKSAR'. Prof. Liu Chao- Shiuan, chairman of the Science Council in Taiwan, spoke on 'Science and Technology Policy in Taiwan', Prof. Leroy Chang, president of the Hong Kong Institution of Science, delivered on behalf of Prof. Lu Yong-Xiang, president of the Chinese Academy o f Sciences, a speech on 'The Prospects of Science, Technology and Education into the 21st Century'. Established in 1992, the Hong Kong Institution of Science draws its members from academics in the faculties of science, engineering, and medicine of local universities and key figures from the government and the industrial sector.