Newsletter No. 115

After 34 Years of Dedicated Service On 23rd October, Dr. Lee Hon-chiu (right), chairman-designate of the University Council, presented a University emblem to Dr. Lee Quo-wei (centre), who retired from the office of Council chairman after 34 years of distinguished service to The Chinese University. On the left is vice-chancellor Prof. Arthur K.C. Li. A Day Devoted to Geography Demonstrations were given by University staff at the open house What is the effect of the forest fire in Indonesia on the environment? Why is Chek Lap Kok chosen to be the site for the new airport? These and a few other environment-related issues were addressed on Hong Ko ng Geography Day which took place on 11th October at the University. Held twice a year, Hong Kong Geography Day is aimed at introducing the discipline o f geography to secondary school students and fostering cooperation among teachers and students of geography in tertiary institutions. Over 2,000 students, parents, teachers, and researchers attended the day's events which included seminars, an exhibition, and the Un i v e r s i t y 's Department of Geography's open house. In one seminar, Hong Kong geographers presented their latest research while in another, organized by the Secondary School Committee of the Hong Kong Geographical Association, the teaching of tropical rainforests in the A- level geography syllabus was discussed. The Agriculture and Fisheries Department, the Environmental Protection Department, as well as Kadoorie Farm also took part in this year's event. On the following day, 12th October, the Department o f Geography held a workshop on 'Hong Kong and Guangdong: Coordinating Environment, Infrastructure, and Resources Development'. Experts f r om Hong Kong and the mainland reviewed the increasingly close relationship between Hong Kong and Guangdong, and discussed the environmental, physical, social, economic, and political issues faced by the two communities. Topics addressed included transboundary pollution in the Pearl River Estuary, the development o f marine resources in the 21st century, and the role o f Hong Kong in the transportation network of the Pearl River Delta. Mul t ipl ici ty the Answer to Changes in Public Health, Says Expert f rom Harvard Prof. Harvey V. Fineberg, provost o f Harvard University, examined the contemporary challenges facing public health in a lecture entitled 'Public Health: The Unfinished Agenda'. The lecture was delivered in his capacity as Wei Lun V i s i t i ng Professor to the University on 20th October. Prof. Harvey pointed out in the lecture that public health is facing rapid change along mu l t i p le dimensions — in demographics, health science, the complexion of prevalent diseases, and present health-care delivery systems. He argued that challenges arising f r om developments in the biological sciences, epidemiology, genetics, and emerging needs in society should be tackled by integrating knowledge across a multiplicity of disciplines, and combining academic rigour w i th the search for practical solutions. Only then can people be provided with opportunities for better health. Prof. Fineberg became provost o f Harvard University in July 1997, following 13 years as dean o f Harvard's Faculty of Public Health. A graduate o f Harvard College, Harvard Medical School, and the John F. Kennedy School of Government, Prof. Fineberg has been a leading figure in health policy since the 1970s. He served as president o f the Society for Medical Decision-Making, which he helped found, and consultant to the Wo r ld Health Organization. Prof. Fineberg is the co-author of Clinical Decision Analysis, Innovators in Physician Education, and The Epidemic that Never Was, and co-editor of books on A I DS prevention, vaccine safety, and understanding risk in society. HK$2.2 MILLION FOR FIVE RESEARCH PROJECTS The following research projects conducted by staff of the University have attracted grants locally and from overseas: • Universal Hong Kong Cantonese Characters Set Font Development Project Sponsor: Industrial Support Fund (HK$940,000) Researcher: Prof. Cheung Kwok-wai • Study of the Colonization and Role of Spread of (Drug-Resistant) Streptococcus Pneumoniae in Elderly Day Care Centres and Residential Homes Sponsor: Health Services Research Fund (HK$60,000) Researchers: Dr. Margaret Ip, Prof. Elsie Hui, Prof. Jean Woo, Prof. Augustine F.B. Cheng • Effective Attraction, Selection and Retention of Human Resources in China Sponsor: PDI Global Research Consortia (HK$ 170,430) Researchers: Prof. Lau Chung-ming, Prof. Irene H.S. Chow, Prof. Ngo Hang-yue, Prof. Si Xiao Fu • Certificate Programme in Security Market Development for Vietnam Sponsor: Ho Sin Hang Education Endowment Fund (HK$394,737) Researcher: Prof. Raymond C.P. Chiang • Working Model for Intranet Commerce in Fabric Sourcing and Trading Sponsor: Industrial Support Fund (HK$622,000) Researchers: Prof. Xu Lei, Prof. Ada Fu, Prof. Chan Lai-wan