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逸 夫 書 院 十 周 年 院 慶 專 刊 Shaw College 10th Anniversary Celebrations Special Supplement 逸夫書院於一九八八年收錄首批 學生,至今剛好十年。爲誌十 周年之慶,書院出版了特刊《逸夫書院 ——第一個十年》,並於本年一月舉辦 了多項活動,包括晩宴、遊藝會暨足 球賽、院慶日聚會、「吐露絃歌」粤曲 演唱會,以及由書院學生主辦的千人 宴與晩會等。 S haw College admitted her first batch of students 10 years ago in 1988. To commemorate its 10th anniversary in 1998, the college published an album entitled Shaw College — The First Ten Years and held various celebration activities in January, including a dinner, a football match and fun fair day, a Founder's Day assembly, Tolo Lyrics —a concert of Cantonese operatic songs, as well as the Thousand People's Feast and a variety show organized by students of the college. 書院創辦人邵逸夫爵士在十周年院慶晚宴上爲醒獅點睛 Sir Run Run, the College Patron, dotting the eyes of the lion before the lion dance 醒獅表演 Lion dance at the anniversary dinner 修正心慎獨德行 講宇宙人生學問 Congratulatory message from United College 一月十二日,由逸夫書院學生所組織的院慶活 動在烽火台揭開序幕 The opening ceremony of the celebration programme organized by students of the college at the University Mail on 12th January 10th Anniversary of Shaw College The foundation stone of Shaw College was formally laid in January 1987, a year before the college opened its doors to its first students. In many respects it was a milestone in the history of the University. For the first time in twenty-four years after the University's inception, a new member was added to its collegiate system, a system that is unique to The Chinese University of Hong Kong among other tertiary institutions in Hong Kong. It signified the affirmation and reinforcement of a whole-person approach to education that the University takes great pride in. The constituent colleges look after student-orientated teaching and promote general education programmes and foster closer student-teacher interactions. Through ShawCollege, the concept of college education has found fuller and richer realization. The establishment of a fourth college was also reflective of the physical growth of the University. When the three original colleges came together on the Sha Tin campus in the early 1970s, each was designed with a capacity of about 1,700 students. Such a limit was soon outgrown in the mid-1980s and college facilities were in the danger of being overstretched. The timely establishment of Shaw College not only provided the much needed amenities for students, it also opened up new opportunities for improving the quality of education offered by the University. It is hard to imagine how the University could have properly looked after its present enrolment of over 10,000 undergraduates without Shaw . The youngest among our four colleges, Shaw is still building a tradition that it can boast to be its own. But in the last 10 years, much has already been done by its teachers and students to enrich our campus culture, and much has been achieved in academic studies and research to bring accolades to the University. The University as a whole has benefited from this extra dimension contributed by Shaw College. None of the above would have been possible without the clear vision of the University leadership a decade ago and of the Patron of the College Sir Run Run Shaw, who made a generous donation of HK$110 million to endow the college which has been named after him. On this happy occasion of the 10th anniversary of Shaw College, let me thank Sir Run Run once again for his staunch suppport to the University and his firm commitment to the expansion of higher education in Hong Kong. Let me also congratulate members of Shaw College, past and present, on their important contribution towards making The Chinese University of Hong Kong a great university. I wish them continued success in their endeavours. Arthur K.C. Li Vice-Chancellor 李國章校長之賀辭 中大通訊 第一二一期 一九九八年二月十九日