Newsletter No. 126

Management Expert Outlines Development of Business Environment D ramatic changes brought about by globalization, development of information technology, and the business environment have led to the creation of a new management paradigm. The successful practices of today will most l i ke ly not wo rk in t omo r r ow 's environment. Changes in the business environment and their implications for enterprises in the 21st century were discussed in a lecture entitled 'Creating a Successful 21st Century Enterprise' delivered by Prof. Jerry Wind, Lauder Professor and professor of marketing at Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, on 17th April. Special attention was given to changes including the creation of new corporate vision, objectives, strategies, and supporting organizational architecture, as well as the emerging new management paradigm in Hong Kong's business community. The lecture was a L i & Fung Lecture on Commerce and Industry organized by the M B A Programmes of the University. A world famous expert on marketing and management science, Prof. Wind is the founding director of the SEI Centre for Advanced Studies in Management at Wharton School, whose mission is to ensure, through research and development, the quality of management research and education and their relevance to the demands of management practice and society. Funding for Two Research Projects T he following research projects proposed by staff of the University have attracted funding from the Hospital Authority: The Comparative Impact of Videoconsultation on Neurosurgical Health Services Sponsor: Health Services Research Fund Amount awarded: HK$802,845 Investigators: Prof. Poon Wai-sang, Dr. Samuel P.Y. Kwok Adaptation to Renal Failure: The Effects of Health-related Hardiness and Optimism on Quality of Life Sponsor. Health Services Research Fund Amount awarded: HK$79,900 Investigator. Prof. Tsang Hing-pui Engineering Student Awarded 1998 Rhodes Scholarship Amanda Lee Pui-shan, a final-year studentmajoring in electronic engineering, has been chosen as Hong Kong Rhodes Scholar for the year 1998. Amanda will be leaving for the UK to read engineering science as a probationer research student at St. Cross College of Oxford University in October. Amanda has demonstrated herself to be a person of immense intellectual capabilities. She has maintained an outstanding academic record throughout secondary school and university. She received eight A's in the Hong Kong Certificate of Education Examination, and has been awarded seven scholarships during her study at the University. An energetic young lady with a strong sense of social responsibility, Amanda enjoys interacting w i th people f r om different cultures and has actively participated in overseas exchange programmes in Canada, Germany, and Turkey. After being short-listed in the first round for further consideration, Amanda went through a competitive selection process, which included two rounds of interviews, a personality profile assessment, and attending a social function with the selection panel. She is the second Rhodes Scholar nurtured by the University's Department of Electronic Engineering in three years. Amanda (middle) with friends at Hampton Court Castle in London New Members of the United College Board of Trustees D r. T.C. Cheng, Prof. C.Y. Lee, Mr. Lui Che-woo, Mr. Tsang Wing-hong, and Mr. S.T. Wong have recently been reelected by the Board of Trustees of United College to its membership for three years from 1st August 1998. The Board of Trustees also elected two new members, Mr. Charles T.K. Ho and Mr. Robert K.K. Shum, to the board for two years until 31st July 2000. Managing director of Hong Kong Tobacco Co. and chairman and director of Global China Investments Ltd., Mr. Charles Ho Tsu-kwok is an economic affairs adviser to the Shandong Provincial People's Government, a standing committee member of the China Federation of Industry and Commerce, a member of the Ninth National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference, an honorary trustee of Peking University, and a trustee of the University of Foreign Economic Relations and Trade. Associate director of C.Y. Leung & Company Ltd., Mr. Robert Shum Kai-kee serves concurrently as director of the Causeway Bay Kai-Fong Welfare Association and founding voting member of The University of Hong Kong Foundation for Educational Development and Research. He is also amember of the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, the Hong Kong United Youth Association, The Asia Society (Hong Kong Centre), and the Pacific Asia Museum at Los Angeles. Mr. Charles T.K. Ho Mr. Robert K.K. Shum