Newsletter No. 144

CUHK Newsletter 2 No. 144 19th April 1999 Funding Support for CUHK Health Projects T he following health-related projects conducted by staff of the University have attracted funding support from different quarters: • Prevention of Osteoporotic Fractures Among the 'High Risk' Groups of Postmenopausal Women (HK$993,300) Sponsor: Health Care and Promotion Fund Committee Investigators: Prof. P.C. Leung, Prof. L. Qin, Ms. S.K. Au • A Ma j or Community-based Clinical Trial on the Effects of Calcium Supplementation in Hong Kong Chinese Children (HK$3,800,000) Sponsor: New Zealand Dairy Board Investigators: Profs. Edith Lau, Jack Cheng, T.F. Fok, and Jean Woo • Work-related Factors and Risk of Incident Low Back Pain in Hong Kong Nurses — a Cohort Study (HK$825,060) Sponsor: Health Services Research Council Investigator: Prof. Edith Lau • Manual Handling and Low Back Pain Among Nursing Home Staff in Hong Kong (HK$566,208) Sponsor: Occupational Safety and Health Research Council Investigators: Profs. Edith Lau and P.C. Leung • Study on Smoking and Health in Hong Kong Chinese Women (HK$805,230) Sponsor: Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health Investigator: Prof. Edith Lau • Development of a Cantonese Basic Speech Perception Test for Hea r i ng - impa i r ed Ch i l d r en and Ch i l d r en w i t h M i n i mal Language Ab i l i ty — Establishing Validity and Reliability (HK$762,838) Sponsor: Health Services Research Council Investigators: Profs. C.A. van Hasselt and Michael C.F. Tong CUHK Hosts Second Asian Moot Corp F rom 23rd to 25th March, 13 leading business schools from Hong Kong, India, Korea, mainland China, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand sent their teams to The Chinese University to take part in the second Asian Moot Corp® Entrepreneur Business Plan Competition. The event was sponsored by Motorola Asia Pacific, Katalyst, Gold Peak Industries Holdings Ltd., Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Nasdaq-Amex, and Computer and Technologies Holdings Ltd. During the competition the teams had to present their business plan t o a panel o f judges comprising venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, and other entrepreneurial support professions including accountants, bankers, lawyers, and management consultants from multinational companies. The winning plan was one considered to have great probability for success when implemented. After two days of competition, the Fudan University team won the Motorola Asia Pacific Best Venture Award. The US$5,000 prize will serve as 'seed' money for their new venture, Beautifruit Paper Company Ltd. to produce protection paper for fruits during the stage of growth. The protection paper serves to enhance the quality of the fruit as well as prevent contact with pesticides. The team from Thammasat University, Thailand, won the Katalyst Education Fund Award for Best Innovation. The team's business plan was a venture to produce and sell an innovative sports wheelchair that is lightweight, strong, and has optimal manoeuverability. The other two finalist teams were from the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore and the Asian Institute of Management, Philippines. The Chinese University's Weekend MBA team received an Honourable Mention in the Division Competition and will take part in the International Moot Corp®. Their business plan is for 'The Marker Co. Ltd.' which produces a special infrared printing technique to help manufacturers protect their products from counterfeiting and consumers from being cheated. The Asian Moot Corp® Entrepreneur Business Plan Competition is a positive response to the Chief Executive's call for greater entrepreneurship in Hong Kong and more collaboration between universities and industry to help boost economic growth. It was founded by the MBA Programmes of The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1998. Sympos i um on As i an Cancers S ome 150 delegates from local and international organizations gathered at the Fourth Annual Scientific Symposium of the Hong Kong Cancer Institute held on 13th March to hear about the latest advances in cancer treatment. The meeting focused on four types of cancer that are particularly common in Asia: nasopharyngeal cancer, hepatocellular carcinoma, lung cancer, and oesophageal cancer. New and more effective treatments were described particularly in the field o f hepatocellular carcinoma. The Fourth Cheng Suen Man Shook lecture was presented by Prof. Ian Tannock, professor of medical oncology at the Princess Margaret Hospital, Toronto, who spoke on the way of combining different modes of cancer therapy to improve overall results. Other renowned international speakers included Dr. Arlene Forastiere from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, Dr. Alan Venook from the University of California, San Francisco, and Drs. L i De-Rui and Yang Wei-Ping from Shantou University Medical College. With the increasing popularity of this series of symposia, next year's meeting w i ll span two days and be jointly hosted by the Hong Kong Cancer Institute at CUHK, the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, and the International Academy of Tumour Marker Oncology. Germa n Sinologis t and Poe t Visit s Chun g Chi P rof. Wolfgang Kubin, professor of sinology and head of the Department of Classical Chinese Studies of the University of Bonn in Germany, gave a public lecture entitled '"Only the Chinese Understand China" 一 Problems of East-West Understanding' at Chung Chi College on 24th March. He also gave a poetry reading entitled 'Images of Macau — A Chinese-European Perspective' jointly with Hong Kong poet Leung Ping-kwan on 29th March. Both functions were part of the Chung Chi College Visiting Scholar Programme 1998-99. Prof. Kubin is well known for his devotion and contribution to Chinese studies i n Europe. His expertise covers the history of ideas, and both classical and modern Chinese literature. Many of his works have been published in either English or German, a few of which are related to Chinese poetry. He is currently translating the works of some contemporary Hong Kong writers into German. (from left) Mr. Leung Ping-kwan, Prof. Wolfgang Kubin, Prof. Rance Lee, head of Chung Chi College, and Prof. Ulrich Hermann Wannagat of the Department of Modern Languages and Intercultural Studies Shaw Promotes Mul t imedia Appl icat ions S haw College held a symposium entitled 'Multimedia Everywhere' for staff and students on 26th March. Mr. Tong Kai-hong, deputy director of the Education Department o f the HKSAR and Prof. Tsou Jin-yeu of the CUHK Department of Architecture shared with the audiences their experience in applying multimedia technology in education, while Mr. Joh Chu of Centre Digital Pictures Ltd. explained in detail the role of multimedia in the production of the film 'Stormriders'. The college also began running a seven-session multimedia training course from 30th March. Learners are expected to acquire basic knowledge and hands-on experience in using software. Shaw is now inviting entries for 'The Best Multimedia Project of the Year Award'. Entrants must be teams and the project should be submitted by the end of August. The activity is held with an aim to encourage multimedia production and staff-student cooperation. Winners will be selected by a panel of judges consisting of external professionals and members of the College's Multimedia Laboratory Management Committee. The committee is formed to look after a newly established multimedia laboratory on the 4th floor of Wen Lan Tang.