Newsletter No. 144

CUHK Newsletter No. 144 19th April 1999 3 New Asia/Yale University Student Exchange F rom 7th to 20th March, nine Yale students accompanied by Ms. Jennifer Weyburn of Yale-China Association visited New Asia College for the sixth annual student exchange programme between the two institutions. The theme for this year's exchange was 'Religion' . Four academic talks plus visits to different religious groups were scheduled to introduce the American students to the major religions in Hong Kong. A symposium was held at New Asia Conference Room on 16th March during which the Yale students presented reports on religions in America. Upon completion of the symposium, the Yale group paid a two-day visit to Guangzhou. TDU Event Twenty teachers from different departments at the University participated in the teaching cells on 'Computer-mediated Communication for Teaching and Learning in the Chinese Context: Lessons Learnt in the Use of the Web-based Teaching Systems' organized by the Teaching Development Unit on 19th March. The session was run by Mr. George Jor from the English Language Teaching Unit who shared with the participants two case studies on the use of web-based teaching systems in designing educational experiences via webs and networks. Drama for Sight A charity performance of 'A Sentimental Journey' starring veteran actress Chan Po Chu was held at the Academy for Performing Arts to raise funds for the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences of the University to develop eye care, training, education and research programmes. A cocktail party was held prior to the performance on 7th March, which was attended by Mrs. Shelley Lau (left 4 ), Director of Home Affairs, as guest- of-honour. 19th-21st Apr il 1999 Vice-Chancellors and Presidents of Prestigious Universities Gather to Discuss Global Tertiary Education Development C lose to 50 vice-chancellors and presidents of universities f r om different parts of the wo r ld are now gathered on C U HK campus to attend The V i c e - Chan c e l l o rs and Presidents F o r um on G l o b al Te r t i a ry Ed u c a t i on Development. Officiating at the opening ceremony of this important function on 19th Ap r il are the Honourable Tung Chee Hwa, Chief Executive of the HKSAR, and Dr. Yu Wei, Vice-Minister of the Ministry of Education in China. Three special guests have been invited to deliver lectures on the occasion. Prof. Yang Chen-ning, Nobel laureate in physics, w i ll talk about the relation between science, technology, and universities. Mr. Antony Leung, chairman of the Education Commission of the HKSAR, w i l l expound on education r e f o rm i n Ho ng Ko ng i n preparation for the new millennium. A nd Dr. Yu Wei w i l l speak on the building of a lifelong learning system through modern distance education. A m o n g t he a u d i e n ce are v i c e - chancellors of such prominent universities as Cambridge, Oxford, Peking University, T s i n g h ua U n i v e r s i ty ( B e i j i n g ), the University of British Columbia, Queen's University, The University of Sydney, The Un i ve r s i ty of Queensland, and Taiwan University, just to name a few. The forum w i l l last three days to 21st April. A total of eight forum sessions have been arranged to cover the following topics: Universities and Information Technology, Science Park, Optimum Size of University, Management of Un i ve r s i t y, Un i ve r s i ty Research, International Relationships, P r e p a r i ng S t uden t s, and U n i v e r s i ty Education and L i f e l o ng Education. A l l panel chairmen, speakers and discussants are the vice-chancellors or presidents of the 40 odd participating universities. They w i ll h o l d their discussions at the Cho Y i u Conference Hall in the University Administration Building. The function is the first of its k i nd hosted by the Association of University Presidents of China (AUPC) and organized by The Chinese University of Hong Kong. Prof. Arthur K.C. Li, vice-chancellor of the University, serves as vice-president of the AUPC. AUPC is a league of well-established research universities in mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan represented by their presidents or vice-chancellors. It was inaugurated on 27th November 1997 at Fudan Un i v e r s i ty i n Shanghai. Its 10 founding members are Shanghai Jiao Tong Un i v e r s i t y, Pek i ng Un i v e r s i t y, X i ' a n Jiaotong University, Fudan University, the University of Hong Kong, The Chinese Un i ve r s i ty of Hong Kong, Hong Ko ng Un i ve r s i ty of Science and Technology, Z h e j i a ng U n i v e r s i t y, and T s i n g h ua University (Beijing). AUPC is dedicated to the development of higher education in China in the 21st century and is expected to enhance exchange cooperation among top universities in China and function as a think-tank that can lend its expertise to local and central governments in planning China's technological, economic and educational developments. By hosting the Vice-Chancellors and Presidents F o r um on G l o b al Te r t i a ry Education Development, AUPC hopes to b r oaden the scope o f exchange and cooperation to include the participation of prestigious universities worldwide. Together they w i l l share experiences in tackling critical issues confronting tertiary education i n the new m i l l e n n i um and analyse development trends. Forum proceedings w i ll provide valuable insight into the new roles and objectives of university education and new implementation strategies. The f o r um is made possible by the generous support of the Bank of East Asia Ltd., The Croucher Foundation, Hang Seng Bank, Henderson Real Estate Agency Ltd., Dr. Ho Tim, the University Grants Committee, Wei L un Foundation Ltd., and K. C. Wong Education Foundation.