Newsletter No. 180

VCHonoured by American College of Surgeons P rof. Arthur K.C. Li, vice- c h a n c e l l o r o f t he Un i v e r s i t y, was elected Hono r a ry Fe l l ow by the Boa rd o f Regents o f the A m e r i c a n C o l l e ge o f Surgeons at the College's Clinical Congress held in October 2000 in Chicago. The honour was a tribute to P r o f . L i ' s o u t s t a n d i ng achievements in surgery. Honorary Fellows o f the College are individuals who possess an international reputation in the f i e ld of surgery or medicine, or have r ende r ed d i s t i n g u i s h ed humanitarian services, especially in the field of medical science. The number of living Honorary Fellows w i ll not exceed one hundred at any one time. Funding for More Research Projects T he following five projects undertaken by members of the University have recently attracted funding support from different quarters: • A Hospital-based Study on Disease Burden and Health Costs of Rotavirus-associated Diarrhoea in Hong Kong (US$10,000) Sponsor: World Health Organization Principal investigator: Prof. Anthony Nelson (Department of Paediatrics) • Quality of Life and Handicap of Stroke Survivors in Hong Kong (HK$534,240) Sponsor: Health Services and Research Fund Principal investigator: Prof. Timothy Kwok (Department of Medicine and Therapeutics) • Virtual Reality (VR)-based Systems for Training in Endoscopic Surgery and Diagnostic Ultrasound Procedures (HK$3,300,000) Sponsor: Research Grants Council Principal investigator: Prof. Jack Cheng (Department of Orthopaedics and Traumatology) • Growing up to a Balanced Life (HK$67,500) Sponsor: Quality Education Fund via Chai Wan Faith Love Lutheran School Principal investigator: Dr. Joseph Lau Tak-fai (Centre for Clinical Trials and Epidemiological Research) • Are Western Skeletal Age Stands Applicable to Hong Kong Chinese? (HK$94,960) Sponsor: Health Services Research Fund Principal investigator: Prof. James F. Griffith (Department of Diagnostic Radiology and Organ Imaging) Conference Focuses on Three Ma r i t ime Ci t ies i n Asia O ver 30 scholars from the mainland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Australia, and the US participated in the International Conference on Maritime Cities: Shanghai, Hong Kong, and Singapore, held from 1st to 3rd March at the Cho Yiu Conference Hall. The event was jointly organized by the Department of History and the Research Institute for the Humanities w i th the purpose of fostering academic collaboration among research institutions on the mainland and overseas, and presenting scholarly findings and new perspectives on the history and development of the three cities. The conference was sponsored by Chung Chi College as part of the celebration of its 50th anniversary. Four keynote speeches were delivered by world-renowned scholars: Prof. Frederic Wakeman from the University of California at Berkeley, Mr. L i m How Seng from the Singapore History Museum, Prof. Yeung Yue-man of CUHK, and Prof. Hamashita Takeshi from Kyoto University and Tokyo University. Six sessions of paper presentations were scheduled within the three days. Ove r a l l Champ i onsh ip Goes to CUHK Debaters T he 30 th I n t e r v a r s i ty De b a t i ng Contest be t ween the University and the University of Hong Kong came to a close on 4th March at the Chung Chi Chapel, with CUHK students capturing the overall championship. Sponsored by the University Grants Committee, the contest comprised three matches, conducted in Cantonese, English, and putonghua respectively. Fo l l ow i ng the success of the Cantonese debating team on 17th February, the University's English debating team defeated their counterparts f r om the University o f Hong Kong a week later at the Rayson Huang Theatre o f the University of Hong Kong. The mo t i on o f the debate was 'That twenty-four-hour boarder-crossing at Shenzhen w i l l do more harm than good to Hong Kong ', and CU students were speaking on the opposition side. The panel o f adjudicators i n c l uded Dr. Eden Woon, chairman of the Hong Kong General Chamber o f Commerce; Mr. Ma r t in Lee, Legislator; Mr. Michael Tien, chairman of the G2000 Group; Mr. Robert Keatley, chief editor o f the South China Morning Post; and Mr. Ronny Tong, former chairman of the Hong Kong Bar Association. While the H K U team managed to seize a victory at the final, putonghua contest on 24th March, the overall champion for the year went to The Chinese University team. Exploring Ways to Improve the Learning Environment T he Symposium on Innovative Design for the Learning Environment was organized by the University's Department of Architecture in collaboration with the Education Department of the Hong Kong Institute of Architects on 3rd March 2001 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. The symposium aimed at i n i t i a t i ng dialogue among the relevant government officials, local and international educational experts, school sponsors, principals, and teachers o f school design on how to bu i ld an effective and stimulating learning en v i r onmen t, and i d e n t i fy related design challenges and opportunities. The symposium concluded w i th a discussion o f the future directions o f school design; a draft on 'Innovative School Design Parameters in Hong Kong for the 21st Century' was also distributed to some 200 participants.