Newsletter No. 237

EXPERTS GATHER FOR THE HEART O ver 70 0 participants fro m ove r 2 0 countrie s attended th e Internationa l Hear t Failur e Symposium— Hon g Kong 2004 on 21st and 22nd February 200 4 a t th e Postgraduat e Educatio n Centre o f the Prince o f Wale s Hospital . The symposium , held b y th e Cardiolog y D i v i s i on o f th e Departmen t o f Medicin e an d Therapeutics, was the largest of its kind in the fiel d o f cardiolog y eve r hel d b y a loca l institut e o r organization i n Hon g Kong . I t p r ov i de d a n important foru m fo r update s o n heart failur e an d continuing educatio n fo r healt h car e provider s engaged i n the treatment o f heart failure . The even t brough t togethe r 2 0 o f th e mos t distinguished physician s an d allied professional s involved i n th e diagnosis , treatmen t an d care o f individuals sufferin g from heart failure, both from Western an d Southeas t Asian countrie s t o shar e views an d experiences. Thes e countrie s include d mainland China , France , Germany , India , Iran , Japan, Korea , Malaysia , Ne w Zealand , Russia , The Philippines , Sweden , Th e Netherlands , an d Uzbek i s t an. Th e s ympo s i u m addresse d i n p a r t i c u l ar th e lates t advancemen t i n th e ma n a g eme nt o f hear t f a i l u r e , i n c l u d i n g pharmacotherapy, devic e therapy and monitoring, cardiac resynchronizatio n therapy , the emergin g role o f echocardiography , cardia c arrhythmi a i n heart failur e an d more. Th e two-da y programm e comprised plenary lectures , announcemen t o f the latest clinical trials, a Certificate Course for Allie d Professionals, an d interactive liv e demonstration s that provide d interestin g rea l tim e case s fo r discussion. A specia l symposium co-hosted by the Faculty o f Medicin e o f Tsinghu a University , Beijing, wa s on e o f the highlights o f the event . The nex t I n t e r n a t i o n a l Hea r t Fa i l u r e Symposium w i l l b e held in earl y 2006 . Prof. Y u Cheuk-ma n an d Dr . Jeffrey Fun g (lef t 1 and righ t1 , front row), programme directors of the symposium, posin g with guests a t the opening ceremon y Upcoming Anniversary Celebrations University Presidents' Global Forum 2004 The Universit y Presidents ' Globa l Forum 200 4 o n 'Universitie s i n th e 21st Century ' wil l b e hel d o n 29t h an d 30t h Marc h 200 4 a t T.Y . Won g Hall an d Ch o Yi u Conferenc e Hal l o n CUH K campus . Som e 5 0 university head s fro m acros s th e worl d wil l attend , an d discussio n sessions wil l b e conducte d i n putonghu a an d Englis h wit h simultaneous interpretatio n fro m Englis h t o putonghu a an d vic e versa. (Detail s o n page s 3 t o 6. ) Business School Gala Dinner in April Faculty member s o f th e Facult y o f Busines s Administratio n an d th e alumni an d friend s o f th e faculty' s MB A Programme s wil l com e unde r one roo f fo r th e firs t tim e a t th e gal a dinne r organize d b y th e facult y and th e MB A Alumni Associatio n o n 3r d April. Th e purpos e o f th e dinner, t o b e hel d a t J.W . Marriott , i s t o reunit e facult y members , alumni, supporters , an d friends , an d t o celebrat e th e 40t h anniversary o f th e University . Dr. Victo r Fung , chairma n o f th e L i & Fun g Group , wil l b e th e guest o f honour . Als o i n attendanc e wil l b e Prof . Ambrose King , vice - chancellor o f th e University , th e pro-vice-chancellors , an d leadin g figures i n th e publi c an d corporat e community , includin g guest s featured i n th e serie s Talking to CEOs, New Thinking in Management, an d CEOs in the New Century. Please g o t o l fo r online registration . The organizer s ar e als o seekin g sponsorshi p fo r a commemorative publicatio n t o trac e th e histor y o f th e faculty . Fo r details, pleas e visi t / SponsorshipJetter.pdf. Please visi t http://www hk/40thanniversary for updates. Seminar Advocates Promotion of Olympism in Schools O ver a hundre d loca l physica l educatio n teachers an d prominen t guest s f r o m th e education secto r attended the Olympic Educatio n Seminar: Hon g Kong , Beijing , Canad a o n 21s t February i n LT1 o f the Esther Le e Building . Th e event wa s hel d b y th e Departmen t o f Sport s Science an d Physica l Educatio n (SSPE ) t o celebrate the 2004 Athens Olympics . A t th e seminar , the results o f a collaborativ e study entitled 'Olympi c Educatio n Programme fo r Ho ng Ko n g , Canada , an d B e i j i n g Schoo l Children' wer e disseminated . Thre e keynot e speakers presented their researc h findings o n the topic an d th e futur e o f O l ymp i c education i n differen t regions . Prof . Ren Ha i (right 6), directo r o f th e Centre fo r Olympi c Researc h o f th e China Institut e o f Spor t Scienc e an d a facult y membe r o f Beijin g Spor t University, presente d his experienc e in b i dd i n g fo r th e 200 8 O l ymp i c Games an d th e implementatio n o f school an d community programme s in mainlan d China . Prof . Deann a Binder (left 5), director of the Institute for Olympic Education , University o f Alberta, delivere d th e result s o f a current study on the topic, while Prof . Amy H a (left 6) o f th e CUH K Departmen t o f SSPE described the results of a similar educationa l programme i n Hong Kong. Prof. David Johns (left 4), chairman of the Department of SSPE, delivered the welcoming address . Participants o f the seminar concluded that the concept o f ' O l y m p i s m ' shou l d b e w i d e l y introduced into the school setting both locally an d internationally. The y als o suggeste d tha t a carefully planne d Olympic educatio n curriculu m for primar y an d secondar y schoo l childre n b e developed fo r implementatio n i n preparation fo r the Beijing Olympi c Games . Chinese Scholastic Duo Visit United College P rof. Dong Zhia n and Prof . Qia n Z e n g y i v i s i t e d United College fro m 1st to 12t h March as t h e c o l l e g e ' s D i s t i n g u i s h e d V i s i t i ng Scholar s 2003-4. Prof . Don g is a n e x p e r t i n classical Chines e literature, especiall y that o f th e pre-Qi n period an d th e tw o Han Dynasties . Prof . Qia n i s a renowned linguis t specializin g i n Chinese dialects . Bo t h professor s an d supervisor s o f doctora l student s a t Shandong Un i ve r s i t y , th e tw o scholar s delivere d tw o publi c lectures respectivel y durin g thei r visit . Prof . Don g spok e o n th e preservation o f ancien t text s an d the subject-buildin g o f ancien t literature o n 5t h March , whil e Prof . Qia n spok e o n dialect s an d the stud y o f dialect s o n 9t h March . Th e lecture s wer e conducte d in putonghua an d held in LT1 o f the T.C. Chen g Building , Unite d College. Prof. Don g Zhia n 1 No. 237 19th March 2004