Newsletter No. 255

E-NEWSLETTER ABSTRAC T Volume 2 No. 3 CUHK Appoints University Dean The Chines e Universit y o f Hon g Kon g ha s appointe d Prof. H o Puay-peng , professo r i n th e Departmen t o f Architecture, t o succee d Prof . Jac k C.Y . Chen g a s University Dea n of Students on a concurrent basi s from 1st February 2005 . CUHK Distinguished Professor-at-Large Analyses the Development of Computer Science Prof. Andrew Yao Chi-chih, the first Chinese scientist to receiv e t he T u r i n g A w a r d an d Distinguished Professor-at - Large of the Chinese University , discussed the future o f computer scienc e i n a lectur e o n 25t h Januar y 2005 . Prof. Yao specifically highlighte d computational biolog y as an importan t are a of development . Volume 2 No. 4 Preparing the Curriculum for a Broader Student Mix To broaden the student mix, CUHK i s actively plannin g to enhanc e campu s facilitie s an d t o ensur e th e curriculum i s well i n place . Volume 2 No. 5 New initiative s to Broaden Student Mix The Chinese Universit y embrace s the idea l of a broader student mix, especially with regard s to it s undergraduat e programmes. Th e ai m i s to enhanc e educatio n qualit y and th e caree r prospect s o f graduates . T o admi t mor e outstanding student s fro m outsid e Hon g Kon g an d t o increase two-wa y exchange , th e Universit y w i l l implement certai n plans . Volume 2 No. 6 Two Nobel Laureates Lecture at CUHK Prof. Amarty a Kuma r Se n ( above), Nobel Laureat e i n Economic Science s 1998 , and Prof . Davi d J . Gros s ( below), Nobel Laureat e i n Physics 2004 , delivere d lectures a t th e Chines e University o n 18t h Februar y 2005. Prof . Sen analysed th e global cause s o f violenc e while Prof . Gros s reviewe d t he p r e s e n t s t a t e o f knowledge i n elementary particl e physics . → For details, please visit . h k / e n e w s / . Potential Treatment for Obstructive Sleep Apnoea-related Cardiovascular Complications O bstructive slee p apnoea (OSA), common amon g middle-aged Chines e me n i n Hon g Kong , i s characterized b y repetitiv e episode s o f upper airwa y obstruction durin g sleep , resulting i n lack o f oxygen , sleep fragmentation , an d frequent arousals . Patient s are inflicted by excessiv e sleepines s durin g daytime , cognitive function deficit, impaired psychosocial well - being, reduce d drivin g competence , an d high bloo d pressure. A case-controlle d study conducted by the Facult y of Medicin e o f th e Universit y foun d a n alarmin g prevalence o f OS A i n patient s f o l l ow i n g acut e ischaemic stroke . Thi s findin g matche s thos e o f similar studie s conducted in the US, Japan and Europe. A furthe r stud y by CUHK researcher s int o strok e mechanisms foun d tha t the y ar e likel y t o b e relate d to repetitiv e surge s o f sympatheti c nerv e activit y during OSA-related arousals. A case-controlle d stud y led b y Prof . Da v i d Hui , hea d o f th e D i v i s i o n o f Respiratory Medicine , and Prof. Gregory Cheng , head of the Division o f Haematology o f the Department o f Medicine an d Therapeutics , discovere d tha t OSA , through repeate d episode s o f arousals , ma y lea d t o platelet activation— a mechanis m closel y associate d with ischaemi c stroke . The stud y als o foun d that platelet activatio n ca n be reduce d b y nasa l continuou s positiv e airwa y pressure (CPAP ) treatment . A l t houg h th e majo r purpose o f CPA P treatmen t i s t o reliev e symptom s such a s daytime sleepiness , th e reductio n i n platele t a c t u a t i on ca n b e regarde d a s a bonu s benefit , e s p e c i a l ly w i t h th e g r o w i n g e v i d e n c e o f cardiovascular consequence s relate d t o OSA . The finding s indicat e tha t i t i s ver y importan t to trea t symptomati c patient s w i t h OS A earl y a s early treatmen t ma y hav e th e potentia l advantag e of preventin g cardiovascula r complication s suc h a s stroke. SPORTS SCIENC E GRADUATE RECEIVE S RESEARCH AWAR D D aniel Fong Tik-pui, forme r M.Sc . studen t o f the Departmen t o f Sport s Scienc e an d Physical Education , ha s bee n awarde d th e OS H Best Project Award for the Academic Yea r 2003- 4 by th e Occupationa l Safet y an d Healt h Counci l o f th e H K S A R Government , fo r hi s researc h project 'Biomechanica l Stud y o n Preventio n o f Occupational Sli p an d Fall s i n Hon g Kong ' , Daniel's projec t superviso r wa s Prof . Hon g Youlian. The awar d presentation ceremon y too k plac e on 13t h Decembe r 200 4 a t th e Hon g Ko n g Polytechnic University . Support for Two Research Projects T he following tw o researc h projects undertake n b y faculty member s o f th e Universit y hav e attracte d funding suppor t from differen t sources : ‧Needs Assessment an d Benchmar k Stud y o f Mal e Hong Kon g Clients o f Femal e Se x Workers i n Shenzhen an d Femal e Se x Workers Wh o Hav e Bee n Serving Mal e Hon g Kon g Clients i n Shenzhe n (HK$163,315) Sponsor. Counci l fo r th e A IDS Trus t Fun d Principal investigator. Prof . Josep h T.F. La u (Centre fo r Epidemiolog y an d Biostatistics ) ‧ A Multidisciplinary Projec t to Identif y Majo r Gene s for Diabete s an d Metaboli c Syndrom e i n Chines e and to Asses s It s Functiona l Significanc e (HK$4,560,000) Sponsor. RG C Principal investigator. Prof . Julian a Cha n (Department o f Medicine an d Therapeutics ) 1 No. 255 4th March 2005