Newsletter No. 255

Histor ian Pays Inspi r ing Visi t to Chung Ch i R onnie Hsia Po-chia, Edwin Earle Sparks Professor of History , Pennsylvania Stat e University , visite d Chun g Ch i Colleg e from 19t h January t o 1s t February i n hi s capacit y a s Si u Lien Lin g Won g Visiting Fellow 2004- 5 o f the college . During hi s visit, Prof. Hsi a spoke a t the College Lif e Luncheon Talk , Tol o Nocturne , an d delivere d a talk t o the Divinit y Schoo l o f Chun g Ch i Colleg e an d a publi c lecture a t th e Colleg e Assembly . H e als o attende d a welcoming receptio n hel d in hi s name an d visited the Chung Ch i Studen t Union . The highligh t o f Prof . Hsia' s two-wee k sta y wa s th e Annua l Educatio n Conference , 'Globalization, Societ y an d History—Cross-fertilization o f Culture' , hel d on 29t h Januar y i n the C.K . Tse Room. At th e conference, Prof. Hsi a addressed the theme o f 'Th e Firs t Chines e i n Europe an d Chinese Impression s o f Europeans i n the Qin g Dynasty ' jointly wit h Mr . Thoma s Roe, head of the Office o f the European Commission i n Hong Kong an d Macau, the Europea n Union; Prof . Kwo k Siu-tong , professo r i n th e Departmen t o f History ; an d Mr. Charle s Mok , president, Hon g Kon g Informatio n Technolog y Federation . Prof . Yi p Hon-min g o f th e C U History Departmen t wa s the moderator o f the conference . The Si u Lie n L i n g Won g Visitin g Fellow s Programm e o f Chun g Ch i Colleg e aim s a t promoting academi c an d cultural exchange , broadenin g th e mind s o f staf f and students, an d enriching the learning environmen t o f the college . With staff and students at Tolo Nocturne Tra i n i ng fo r Bet te r Cl i n i ca l Tr i a l Pract ices T he Clinical Research Committee Training Workshop an d the Clinica l Investigato r Training Worksho p wer e hel d o n 21s t an d 22nd Januar y b y th e Centr e fo r C l i n i ca l Trials (CCT ) o f the Faculty o f Medicine an d the Ho s p i t a l A u t h o r i t y a t th e Ho s p i t a l Authority Hea d Office. The workshops wer e the firs t i n a series o f trainin g programme s f o r s t a f f o f t h e C l i n i c a l Re s e a r c h C o mm i t t e e , c l i n i c a l i n v e s t i g a t o r s , traditional Chines e medicin e investigators , and othe r clinica l researc h professional s i n 2005. Th e programme s ar e organize d i n view o f th e importanc e o f Goo d C l i n i ca l Trial Practic e an d the growin g deman d fo r quality clinica l researc h i n Asia . Prof. Benn y Zee , directo r o f th e CCT , kicked o f f the Clinica l Researc h Committe e T r a i n i ng Worksho p b y i n t r o d u c i n g th e historical backgroun d o f th e curren t ethica l guidelines an d presenting som e ke y ethica l concerns. I t wa s followe d by a discussion b y Prof. C . K . L i , c h i e f o f servic e o f th e D e p a r t m e nt o f P a e d i a t r i c s , o n t w o controversial ethica l cases—th e obtainin g o f consent fro m childre n an d from cognitivel y incapacitated subjects . The C l i n i c a l I nves t i ga t o r T r a i n i n g Wo r k shop wa s designe d t o f am i l i a r i z e participants wit h the operation of clinical trials w i t h referenc e t o th e curren t regulator y r e q u i r eme n t s. I n a l e c t u r e e n t i t l e d 'Responsibilities o f the Clinical Investigator' , Prof. Julian a Cha n o f th e D i v i s i o n o f Endocrinology an d Diabetes, Departmen t o f Med i c i ne an d Therapeutics , share d he r experience implementin g a trial that complie s with Goo d Clinica l Tria l Practice . The next programmes o n the same topic s as well a s the clinica l researc h o f traditiona l Chinese medicine w i ll be held respectively i n March an d April. (From left ) Prof. Benny Zee, Dr . Vivian Wong, director of professional service s and medical development , Hospita l Authority, Prof . Julian a Chan , Dr . Pan g Fei-chau , administrative medica l officer, Hospital Authority CUHK Business and Science Students Display Techno- entrepreneuri a l Skills S ix team s o f graduat e student s o f th e Un i v e r s i t y compete d fo r the University' s Vice-Chancellor' s Cu p o f Studen t Entrepreneurshi p (VCCE) organize d by the CUHK Centr e for Entrepreneurship a t the CUH K M B A Tow n Centr e o n 22nd January . The panel of judges consisted of professional investors in new ventures . They wer e Mr . Vincen t Chan , directo r an d executiv e vice-presiden t o f JAFCO Investmen t (HK ) Ltd. ; Mr . S.W . Cheung , vice-president , busines s development an d technology support , Hong Kong Scienc e and Technolog y Parks Corp. ; Mr . A l a n Ho , senio r manager , technopreneuria l funding , Innovation an d Technology Commission ; an d Mr. Simo n Wong , directo r and executive vice-president , Transpa c Asia Ltd . The y studie d the writte n plans an d examine d th e team s closel y durin g th e question-and-answe r session following eac h presentation . P r o f. H u g h Thoma s , associat e d i r e c t o r o f th e Cen t r e f o r Entrepreneurship, commente d tha t th e projects wer e th e bes t he had see n since he began hosting suc h an event i n 1999 . The winner o f the contest was 'InMotion' , a team targeting the rapidl y growing digital , writing instrumen t market . Th e team plans t o launc h 'Th e Wizard Marker' , a device based on micro inpu t devic e system s an d micr o electrical mechanica l system s motio n sensin g technologies develope d b y an award-winnin g researc h tea m a t CUHK . Th e devic e aim s a t solvin g critical problems tha t internationa l business organization s presentl y fac e i n virtual conferencing . Th e team' s member s wer e full-tim e MB A student s Albert Climent , Angela Li , Kevin Louie , an d Selina Wu, and Ph.D. studen t in engineerin g Sh i Guangyi . The firs t runner-u p wa s th e project , 'Golde n Healt h Company' , an d 'Aktinomics' too k thir d place . The champion team w i ll represent CUHK a t the Moot Cor p Competitio n to be held at the McCombs Schoo l of Business, University o f Texas at Austin, from 4t h t o 7t h May 2005 . Prof. Jac k Cheng , pro-vice - chancellor o f th e Un i ve r s i t y , presented th e p r i ze s t o th e winners. VCC E i s on e o f tw o competitions bein g held annuall y at th e University . Th e VCC E focuses o n th e c omme r c i a l viability o f start-u p enterprise s while it s siste r competition , th e V i c e - C h a n c e l l o r 's Cu p o f Innovation (VCCI) , highlights the i n n o v a t i v e n e ss o f p r odu c t s developed by students. VCCI w i l l be he l d o n 2n d A p r i l 2005 . Winners o f th e competitio n w i l l compete in the Ninth Annual China-wide Challenge Cup at Fudan Universit y on 20th Octobe r 2005 . Prof. Jac k Chen g announcin g th e result s o f th e competition UC Mentor Mentee Gathering U nited College and the UC Alumni Association organize d an experience sharing sessio n to foste r better communicatio n amon g participants o f the UC Mentorshi p Programm e an d to asses s its progress o n 15t h Januar y 2005 a t Tai Po Kau Interactive Nature Centre . The weekend even t attracte d some 6 0 mentor s an d mentees. Th e day' s activitie s include d a discussio n session, a visit to the Museum of Ethnology i n the afternoon, and a barbeque dinner i n the evening . 2 No. 255 4th March 2005