Newsletter No. 342

No. 342, 4.9.2009 5 除了遊覽曼海姆及柏林外,亦學習當地文化,更有 機會與當地人交流,這是一般觀 光之旅無法比擬的。 We had the opportunity to visit many places in Mannheim and Berlin, experience German culture, and talk to local people. It was a precious experience I could never have got from sight-seeing tours. 潘守園 Poon Sau-yuen James 湖南寧鄉縣城北中學初二班的同學很認真和乖巧,在這班小朋友的臉 上,我看到了他們對外面世界的渴望和好奇,還有他們的純真和對生 活的滿足,這令我們在這次教學服務中的精神收穫比想像中大 。 Form 2 students of Northern City Secondary School in Ningxiang county of Hunan Province were attentive in class. They were curious about the world and eager to learn. We could sense their innocence and their contentment. Teaching them gave me more spiritual fulfilment than I had expected. 陳秀麗 Chan Sau-lai Jessie 我獲安排到美國紐黑文市一間名為Leeway的愛滋病療 養院實習,主要協助安排一些娛樂活動或分享小組予 院友,他們積極的態度深深地感動了我。 I was assigned to work with an organization in New Haven, Connecticut, named Leeway, a centre providing in-patient rehabilitative care to AIDS patients. My duty was to arrange entertainment and coordinate supporting teams for them. Despite their condition, they fought on. Their positive attitude touched me. 黃兆冲 Wong Siu-chung Oscar 這個考察團讓我學到很多、知道很多,也看到很多。在巴塞 隆拿這個毗鄰地中海、充滿古舊建築與歷史價值的西班牙城 市中學習、遊玩,實在愜意非常;加上當地人大都熱情友 善,令我能放膽地和他們閒聊,盡情地遊覽各處景點。 I learnt a lot from this study visit. It was an enjoyable journey to study and travel in Barcelona, a city next to the Mediterranean Sea embellished with classic architectures and historic buildings. The Spanish people are friendly and warm which encourage me to chat with them. 鄧詠文 Tang Wing-man Carmina 為期十四天的美國首都華盛頓考察團,令我印象難忘。藉着各類型的 活動,如講座,參觀白宮、美國最高法院、美國國家歷史博物館及其 他國家級博物館等,我們對美國政治體制及歷史的了解也加深了。 I spent 14 days in Washington DC, and it was unforgettable. The myriad of activities included lectures, guided tours to the White House, the Supreme Court, the National Museum of American History and other national museums, we gained more understanding of the US political system and US history. 陳妙珊 Chan Mio-san Cindy 生命脆弱,但心靈卻不易被摧毀。看到穿上義 肢的女生邊彈結他,邊笑着哼歌,甚至怡然自 得的騎單車,真正感受到生命的燦爛。 Although life is fragile, the soul is strong. I saw a girl with a prosthetic leg, singing and playing the guitar cheerfully and even went cycling. She dazzled me. 盧幸明 Lo Hang-ming 德國/法國社會文化探索之旅 Study Trip: Exploration of German/French Society ( 曼海姆及柏林/波爾多及巴黎 Mannheim and Berlin/Bordeaux and Paris ) 暑期英語學習計劃 Summer English Language Programme ( 倫敦 London ) 新亞書院/耶魯大學暑期社區交流計劃 New Asia – Yale Summer Community Service Exchange ( 美國 USA ) 暑期北京普通話課程 Learning Putonghua in Beijing ( 北京 Beijing ) 美國首都華盛頓考察團 Travel Study Programme to Washington, DC Area ( 美國首都華盛頓 Washington DC, USA ) 國際暑期大學課程 International Summer University Programme ( 丹麥哥本哈根 Copenhagen, Denmark ) . , . . 海外實習計劃 Overseas Internship Programme ( 新加坡、北京或檳城 Singapore/Beijing/Penang ) 暑期西班牙語及文化考察團 Spanish Culture and Language Programme ( 西班牙巴塞隆拿 Barcelona, Spain ) 四川省北川縣地震區服務團 Service Tour to Earthquake-affected Area in Beichuan County of Sichuan Province ( 北川 Beichuan ) 巴蜀文化研習營 Sichuan Cultural Study Programme ( 成都 Cheungdu ) 中國企業體驗計劃 China Internship Programme ( 浙江 Zhejiang ) 新亞書院/湖南大學暑期交流計劃 New Asia College/Hunan University Summer Exchange Programme ( 湖南 Hunan )