Newsletter No. 345

No. 345, 19.10.2009 深夜的彩虹 梁詠珊(學生事務處) Rainbow at Night Ms. Leung Wing-shan (Office of Student Affairs) O 知識轉移辦公室成立 New Knowledge Transfer Unit 中大在九月成立了知識轉移辦公室,隸屬副校長室,主要負責協助大學發展知識轉移策略, 訂定目的、措施和指標,透過積極統籌和傳播,致力推動知識轉移活動。辦公室將與各學院 及部門聯繫,以蒐集分析資料,同時歡迎大學同事與辦公室聯絡,交流意見。 In an effort to further promote and render support to the knowledge transfer activities of Faculites, staff and students, the University established a new Knowledge Transfer Unit (KTU) under the Office of the Pro-Vice-Chancellor in September. The KTU is mainly responsible for developing the University’s knowledge tranfer policy and setting goals, measures and targets; and endeavours to enhance knowledge transfer through active coordination and dissemination. It will also liaise with Faculties and offices to collect data and conduct analysis. Colleagues are most welcome to contact the office to share ideas or acquire information. 聯絡人 Contact Persons 譚小蘭女士(知識轉移辦公室主任) Ms. Sharon Tam (Manager, Knowledge Transfer) 2696 1557 謝家豪先生(計劃統籌員) Mr. Ta Ka-ho (Project Coordinator) 2696 1558 為推行中大學生信息系統作準備 Prepare for Changes Resulting from CUSIS Project 為確保現有資訊科技應用系統能順利過渡至中大學生信息系統(CUSIS),現請學系及大學 單位留意以下轉變會否影響本身開發的應用系統,並採取適當應變措施。資訊科技服務處 亦成立了大型行動小組,處理CUSIS對大學資訊科技應用系統的影響。 這些轉變包括:學生編號、電腦帳號、電郵地址、課程編號、書院編號、課程結構(如雙學位 課程,雙主修課程等)、通用代碼(如主修編號,學系編號等)、學生數據,以及UTF-8中文 編碼等。 有關系統詳請,可瀏覽 , 如對使用CUSIS後的轉變有任何疑問, 可經資訊科技服務處電子服務台 或 致 電2609 8916查詢。 For a seamless transition from the current system to the CUSIS (Chinese University Student Information System), departments/units should pay attention to the changes and note the impact that may have on any applications they develop. They should take appropriate action to adapt to the changes. A Mega Task Force has been set up by the ITSC to address the impact of the CUSIS on university IT applications. Changes that will be brought about by CUSIS implementation include: university student ID, computing ID, e-mail address, course code, college code, study programme structure such as double degree, double major, etc., standing data such as major code, department code, etc., student data and UTF-8 Chinese character code. Please visit for details. For enquiries about the change, write to ITSC Electronic HelpDesk at or call 2609 8916. 西部教學大樓設茶點招待區 New Tea Reception Areas at Western Campus Teaching Complex 校園西部綜合教學大樓於今年一月啓用,大樓內的二號、六號及七號演講廳外大堂位置,現 新設茶點招待區,方便校內單位借用該等講室時,安排簡單茶點招待嘉賓。借用表格及使用 細則可於物業管理處網頁( ) 下載,查詢請致電 2609 7243。 The Teaching Complex at Western Campus has been in operation since January this year. Outside its lecture rooms LT 2, 6 and 7, new tea reception areas have been installed. When departments/units apply for the use of those rooms, they can receive guests in these reception areas. Booking forms and details are available at the Estates Management Office’s webpage . For enquiries, please contact the office at 2609 7243. 臨時泊車安排 Temporary Reorganization of Parking Spaces 為配合大學圖書館擴建工程,大學圖書館及田家炳樓旁的露天停車場將於10月24日起停 用。另富爾敦樓及保安交通中心旁的露天停車場將會重新規劃,增加約五十個車位,以補 不足。 In preparation for the construction of the Library Extension, the open car park adjacent to the University Library and the Tin Ka Ping Building will be closed starting on 24 October. To compensate for this, the open car parks at the John Fulton Centre and the Security and Transport Building will be rearranged to accomodate about 50 more parking spaces. 額外門診服務特約診所名單變動 Updates on Extra Outpatient Consultation Services Scheme 袁嘉偉醫生醫務所由10月1日起不再納入「額外門診服務」名單。有關該服務計劃內容,可閱 覽人事處網頁( ) 。 Dr. Yuen Ka Wai’s clinic ceased to offer service under the scheme with effect from 1 October 2009. Details of the scheme are available at the Personnel Office’s website ( https:// ) . 校園發展分享會 Campus Development Sharing Session 大學將舉行校園發展分享會,屆時副校長程伯中教授與協理副校長馮通教授皆會出席,簡 介與「三三四」學制有關之建設項目及其他新建設的最新進展。歡迎教職員、學生、校友參 加。詳情如下: The University will hold a sharing session on campus development. Prof. P.C. Ching, Pro- Vice-Chancellor, and Prof. Fung Tung, Associate Pro-Vice-Chancellor, will be present to give an update on the progress of various ‘3+3+4’-related capital work projects and other developments on campus. All CUHK staff, students and alumni are cordially invited to the sharing session. Details are as follows: 日期 Date 29.10.2009 時間 Time 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm 地點 Venue 校園西部綜合教學大樓七號演講廳 LT7, Teaching Complex at Western Campus 有意參加者,請電郵 至 登記。 Interested members can register by sending an e-mail to: .